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On an episode that moved many things and people into place, Lost still provided a number of answers and featured a fascinating sideways look at Jack's life in 2004.

Indeed, "Lighthouse" was all about the Shepards, Jack, Claire and... David?!? Yep, Jack has a son. The man that spent his entire life trying to live up to his father's expectations and taunts (You don't have what it takes) has a broken relationship with a teenage boy in this parallel timeline.

As was the case when Locke came to peace with his wheelchair-bound status last week, though, Jack mended communication with David by the time this episode concluded. He said David could never fail him. He said he'd always love him. He said, in essence, what Christian never said to Jack.

Once again, it leaves us wondering about this sideways universe: most of the castaways we've seen in it appear happier than ever, having learned from the trials that caused them so much grief on the island. Is this an epilogue to the journey we've been watching for five-plus seasons?

Hurley and Jack

Then there's Claire. We didn't see her in 2004 again this week, but we did see the full effects of one being "claimed." And it ain't pretty, as the Other with a knife plunged into his chest can attest to.

While a panicked Jin tried to think of Aaron-based lies that would placate this Rousseau-like woman and save his own life, we asked ourselves many questions and made notes about Crazy Claire:

  • When did she get claimed?
  • She confirmed that Fake Locke had been under the guise of Christian for awhile, as she used to hang out with her father and now chills with her "friend."
  • Seriously, has the word "friend" ever been uttered with more chilling mystery?
  • Is this the fate to which Sayid can look forward?
  • What's the deal with Fake Locke and babies? Did he somehow arrange for the mothers he claimed (Claire, Rousseau) to be far away from their children? And is this related to the pregnancy problems on the island?
Everything about the Claire storyline was fascinating and kudos to Emile de Ravin for playing this wild version of the character so well.

Then there was the lighthouse. Was that the church at which Jacob touched Sawyer that we saw in the mirror, prior to Jack turning the dial to 23? Have you noticed that every sideways world cutaway has featured at least one scene with a character staring into a bathroom mirror? Interesting...

Crazed Claire

What else did we pick up on in the tower? More names and numbers (Jacob really does have a "thing" for them, huh?). Linus was on there, so was Almeida, Rodriguez, Cruz... and Austen! We needed to watch the scene a few times, but "Austen" was definitely listed - at 51. So Kate is NOT part of the infamous 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 crew? What could that possibly mean?

Once again, this development has us wondering about Jacob's intentions. He seems like a nice guy. He appears to have the island and the castaways' best interests in mind. But these numbers clearly leaked into the real world and they didn't exactly bring Hurley luck. If Jacob has been manipulating him to come to the island all along, he killed some people (like Tricia Tanaka) along the way.

Jacob also emphasized free will with Hurley (who was hilarious this week), as he so often does. I'm a candidate, I can do whatever I want. But how much free will is there when you get yourself involved in so many situations? Is Jack now free to figure out his fate? Yes... but he had to be manipulated rather severely (You DO have what it takes, man!) to get to that place.

Considering Jacob's focus on this issue, and the "rules" by which Fake Locke must play, we continue to believe that choice and free will somehow play a significant role on the island.

Before turning it over to readers for their takes, a few more observations:

  • This was the show's 108th episode.
  • Kate is now wandering around the jungle, searching for Claire. Okay then. Her and Jack seemed a bit too at ease with the other's random mission.
  • Dogen appeared to know who Jack was in the sideways world, didn't he? He made a point of talking to him.
  • It's frustrating that Jack would have heard about the "darkness" inside of Claire, yet would seemingly still have no followed up on it. Yes, we need to accept that Lost must maintain mysteries by having its characters remain in the dark for awhile and not ask obvious follow-up questions... but it can be annoying sometimes.
  • Nice to see Adam and Eve again. Hurley is basically acting like the audience this season, throwing out possibilities for who these skeletons could be and yelling at Jacob to be more clear.
  • There's one more problem: Fake Locke has become such a fascinating character that storylines without him seem to drag. We can't get enough of this man/entity, which is both good and bad.



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When did everyone decide that Rousseau was "infected?" I thought it was pretty clear that she was not claimed while her friends had been. She was certainly deranged, but she was also living on a crazy island for 16 years after her friends were attached by a pillar of smoke, tried to kill her, and her baby was stolen from her. Who wouldn't be crazy after that.


I should also add, polo; when did Jack ever live with Claire? She was born and stayed in Australia and he had no clue who he was. Sayed and her were not tortured, they were tested to see if they were infected. And evil Locke wants her because she is 1. Easily manipulated, especially by her fathers ghost 2. She can influence the losties since they know who she is and have no reason not to trust her. Are we watching the same show?


Claire is not the candidate Jack is. Claire is insane and was never touched by Jacob. That's a ludicrous theory. The best part of this episode was the sideways world. Nothing happened in the real world. Once again we get no answers about anything and more questions which is getting absurd at this point. I gave the writers all the faith obliged had that they would answer our questions and yet here we are 6 episode in and we've had one minor revelation: those touched by Jacob are associated with the numbers. Claire's whereabouts and infection reveal nothing and only pose the question as to how one gets infected. Rousseau Claire and sayed have mo connection whatsoever and yet they all are "infected" so how does it come about? People should be more upset about the waffling that's going on. Every week we are taunted with ALL QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED!!! in the previews and yet so far; bupkis. These little cutesy throwbacks like Hurley's ruminating in the cave is just that; cutesy. There's no meat to it and its almost a taunting of fans. If I got one or two revelations so far, I'd be satisfied as everything else about this season (the sideways stories, the acting, the pacing) has all been excellent. Unfortunately it is outweighed by me waiting 5 years for some understanding.


Littleton is the last name she was given, but if she is the daughter of Christian her biological last name is "Shepherd"

Matt richenthal

@Ashley: It is, but her father is Christin Shepard.


I thought Claire's last name was Littleton


Jack isn't a candidate, Claire is. Here's my argument for that: -She's his sister and thus shares the last name "Shepherd"
-She was tortured by the others as was Syaid
-Fake Locke has an interest in recruiting her as he does with Ford and did with Locke (both candidates)
-The beginning part with Jack not remembering his appendectomy illustrates how the house in the mirror that he saw could be where he lived with Claire when they were younger, but he just doesn't remember that because it was before he was 3 (when he had his appendix removed). Thus Jacob showed him the house to jog his memory for what he "has to do." There's a few other items, but I can't remember them at the moment. Anyway that was my big revelation from this episode.


I suspect the church spire we saw was from the church Oceanic Six met Faraday's mother. If the lighthouse helps others come to the island, perhaps that's how she found the island in the first place.


@DK: I was wondering the same thing. I know that Jacob said, after the fact, that the whole trip to the lighthouse was to get Jack thinking. However, he reiterated that the original intention of the mission (i.e., to help bring a mysterious someone to the island) would still come to fruition. I was thinking the person he was trying to bring there might be either Widmore or Desmond.


great episode, agreed it felt slow with no Locke until the very end. Where's Widmore?!

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