Michael Emerson Teases "Biggest Ben Episode Ever"

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When Michael Emerson was first introduced as Ben Linus, who would have thought Lost fans would lament his possible passing?

The character was initially meant to be a villian we rooted for to die - but now that Emerson has teased Ben might not be around for much longer, our reaction is: NOOOO!!!!

In a new interview with E! News, Emerson said "the biggest Ben episode ever [is coming] in the next two weeks." Ominously, he added:

"It's a big one, and it may be the last one of the Ben episodes... it's worth watching."

Whoa. Might this simply mean there aren't many Ben-based episodes remaining because this is the final season? Yes. But might it also mean Ben will soon die? That has to be considered, as well.

Teacher Ben

What will the Ben flash-sideways world consist of? Emerson says "there's more to come" of European History teacher Ben and Substitute Teacher Locke.

"I can't tell you if that's realer than the island existence that we already know of. I haven't gotten it figured out yet," the actor said, but he did add the following about Ben and Locke:

"They have an important relationship."

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I basically think I've figured where this story is going.... LOSt is based upon the theories of the Bible. Good vs Evil. It appears to be leaning toward just that - think about it when Sawyer followed Floke into the cave there was a scale with a white and black rock equally weiging the scale down. Flocke threw the white on into the sea - stating it was an inside joke. Even though the names appeared in two places on the island with the first being inside the cave and the second inside the lighthouse - I think this clearly is outlining the book of Revelations when the message sent forth was that many will have the name of the father on their head - the photo of Lost is clearly resprenting the last supper - plus, the kid who I think represents Jacob - not to mention that most of the names are from the Bible - he made mention - you know the rules you can not kill him - was he referring to Job - when Satan tested his love for God - seriously think about it - its based upon the Bible!

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