John Noble Dishes on Younger Walter, Fringe Season Finale

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When Fringe returns from a long hiatus on April 1, viewers will be treated to a flashback-heavy episode that focuses on a younger version of Walter Bishop. What was he like 25 years ago?

"He's actually quite a likable man," portrayer John Noble told reporters recently. "He's married to a lovely woman, and he seems to enjoy his work. He's driven. He's a driven man. He's very smart, and he's very driven to succeed...

"But he does make choices, and he makes that one error. It's like we do in tragedies, where one error will cause this tumbling effect... What he was trying to do was to play God, really. He was saying, 'Well I can fix this boy,' and he was playing God. In fact, he said, 'There's only one God in this lab, and it's not yours.' That quite an interesting theme to Walter that I find to this season so far."

The Younger Days

On the episode "Peter," we'll also get our first look at the "Walternate," the alternate-universe version of Dr. Bishop. Expect to learn a lot more about this character.

"You certainly will see more of him," Noble said. "In the finale you'll see an awful lot of him. It's the same man, but with different choices made in life. And we often talk about that on Fringe, don't we? The parallel universe is like, the choices you make will help impact the rest of your life. So Walternate is in a different profession than Walter and a far different person, and he's physically different.

"He's a very powerful man, Walternate. I can't really say more than that, but he is different."

After Fringe returns, it airs all new episodes up through this much-anticipated second season finale. Hallelujah!

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Walternate is the secretary that came across the bridge! Has to be.


but then again walter is guilty for not having done what he promised to do to elizabeth to return peter back. but the spoilers say that the other water is powerful and different meaning he is the opposite of our walter...............maaaaan m so confused .....or m i?


this is how i see it. the walter in our side was the soft loving dad and a wife(elizabeth) that was somehow head of the house and she never really cared much about walter but more herself so she always doubted him but then in the alternate universe the other walter was the never at home dad coz he always worked late and elizabeth was the loving parent coz she is the one in that world that peter loved the most to give her coin while in our world this peter wanted our walter to have the coin......question is how did walter change to the point that peter hated guess it was the guilt.

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