Lost Series Finale To Be Titled...

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On a podcast this week, Lost producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff revealed the apt title for the show's series finale on May 23. It will be called, simply, "The End."

As you might expect, the pair didn't say anything else about the two-hour conclusion to this iconic series. But they did comment on...

  • ... the sideways storytelling: Expect more.
  • ... the possibility that The Man in Black is actually the good guy in his battle with Jacob.
  • ... a future buddy/cop spin-off featuring Miles and James Ford: Sorry, not happening.

The next Lost episode is titled "The Package" and you can get a full preview of it now.

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I kind of like the title THE END because it is the end and maybe it will be perfect for the episode we still don't know what is to come no??


why not call it "Found"?


"The End" is too simple for my taste. Might be the weakess name of the entire Series.

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