Producer Speaks on Shocking 24 Death

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Monumental 24 spolier warning: read no further if you haven't watched this week's episode yet.

For those that did sit through the 8 a.m. hour... wow! You'd think we'd know by now that any character except Jack is expendable, but we still didn't see Renee's death coming. When was the last time 24 ended consecutive episodes with the silent clock?

Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly was equally shocked, and phoned 24 produced Howard Gordon as a result. An excerpt of their conversation follows:

When was the decision made to kill off Renee? At the very beginning of the season. I even told Annie and Kiefer that that’s where the story was going.

Were there doubts about the decision? We always have some doubt when we do certain things. We had a couple of thoughts and concerns, but the way the story fell it had to happen... My wife was literally in tears watching it. And when I can make my wife cry [watching 24], I know I made the right decision.

RIP, Renee

On the real-time lovemaking: Jack and Renee were not by any means done. I think this was probably closer to Round 1. I mean, he was just getting a glass of water. So yes, we were very sensitive about it because it’s a very sensitive thing. We really wanted to do it as tastefully and virile-y as possible for a man like Jack Bauer.

Where does Jack go from here? He’s lost something he can’t get back. He has a way he wants it addressed, and if he doesn’t get satisfaction and justice, you know, he’s gotta find another way. But it really does set things in motion that are pretty profound for the character and it’s a place I don’t think he’s ever gone before. It’s as dark and complex and as combustible as any place Jack’s ever been.

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I'm ticked off, too. They might as well kill everyone Jack loves, and then just have Jack. Heck, bring back Tony Almeida too, just long enough to kill him.


I agree with 24fan. I'm ticked off also. I know it's fiction, but come on. You don't open the Sunday comics and find that Snoopy's been hit by a car?!


Folks, I have news for you. Brace yourselves. 24 is a work of fiction. It is not real. The characters are not real. Nothing you see is real. It is all make believe. All of it. Fiction means you can do whatever you want and no one actually gets hurt. Deal with it.


Of course she was going to die. Wives and girlfriends are expendable if they're associated with Mr. Jack Bauer. Duh.


I didn't see that coming, and it really is sad that Renee is gone. I'm ticked off in fact.

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