The Final Lost Photo: Where is Desmond?

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Possible Lost spoiler alert!

ABC has released one final promotional photo for Lost. Pictured below, it features all our favorite survivors from Oceanic 815, including relatively new characters such as Ilana and Lapidus.

But... where's Desmond?

Because Widmore has asked the unlucky Scotsman to make a major sacrifice, many fans have speculated that this may mean the demise of Desmond in exchange for... something. A happy future for Penny and his son? His on-island friends? All of the above? Speculate away and click on the image for a closer look.

We have to admit: it doesn't bode well for Des.

The Final Promo

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If you enlarge the photo it looks as though Desmond can be seen in all of them! Don't have editing software to check for sure, but at first glance all their faces look as though there's two.


i dont understand either why people hate kate, i think she is fabulous and she will survive of course, i like theee photooo tooo!!!


YEsss!! I love Kate too! I hope she won´t die!!! GO GO KATE


i love the picture. i think people one side of locke will die, and the jack side will survive. and it`s obvious that kate will end up with jack, and not with sawyer.
yes kate-haters, kate is the leading actress, deal with it, she is going to play a big rol on the series finale!


Photo looks fake, like they are dolls or something.


well Ilana is dead now so I'm not sure what to think of it?!?!?


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Ben [to Jack]

Why there is a dead Pakistani on my couch?

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