Coming to The CW in 2010-2011: New Show Previews

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The CW scored a big hit last fall with The Vampire Diaries and a minor one with Life Unexpected, which also earned a second season. Melrose Place failed, but two of of three? Not bad.

Along with TVD, mainstays Gossip Girl, 90210 and One Tree Hill anchor the network's fall schedule for 2010-11, leaving room for just two new shows, which we've previewed below.

The network may never be talked about in the same league as the big four (although NBC is fading fast), but with another Vampire Diaries or Gossip Girl, it would be a step closer.

Can either of its new shows achieve that level of success? See what you think ...

What is it? A look at the crazy world of competitive college cheerleading, in which a pretty law school student loses her scholarship and is forced to join a southern university’s cheerleading squad, whose leader and members must adjust to this newfound presence.
Who stars in it? Ashley Tisdale of High School Musical fame, Aly Michalka of Aly and AJ fame, plus newcomers Ben Browder and Matt Barr. Interestingly, Barr played Dr. van der Woodsen on the ill-fated '80s Gossip Girl spinoff pilot episode in 2009.
When does it air? Wednesday at 9 p.m., after America's Next Top Model.
Prediction: The 'Cats will get a boost from ANTM, but it's hard to think of this as more than Bring It On meets High School Musical. Can it stand out in some unique way? Will its characters and stories be engaging enough? Check out a preview HERE!

Hellcats Poster
Nikita Poster

What is it? An update of the movie La Femme Nikita, and the '90s USA Network series of the same name. It focuses on a rogue assassin on the run from the government.
Who stars in it? Martial arts guru Maggie Q as the titular character, with Lyndsy Fonseca, Aaron Stanford, Shane West and the awesome, cougar-tastic Melinda Clarke.
When does it air? Thursday at 9 p.m., after The Vampire Diaries.
Prediction: The stronger bet of the two, especially with the assistance of The Vampire Diaries and its audience at the 8 p.m. hour. Even though it's a remake, it feels fresher and more intriguing than Hellcats, and least right now. Watch a preview of it HERE!

Think you might watch either, neither, or both? Tell us why by leaving a comment below - and follow this link for our preview of new ABC shows from earlier today.

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Hellcats and Nikita both look awesome! Cant wait for either of them!!!


i think nikita will do better because of its timeslot and the CW has enough High School shows


I will watch Hellcats but I am boycotting Nikita. I am boycotting Nikita because it took Supernatural timeslot. It has been on Thursdays at 9:00pm since it began in 2005. I want Nikita to fail, so Supernatural can go back to its regular timeslot. If you are a Supernatutal fan, join me. If you are not a Supernatural fan, watch the show and you will then be a Supernatural fan.


CW has so many high school cheerleading shows this might get cancelled after two episodes. Nikita doesent look that good either tbh.


Note to L. J. Gibbs that wrote the piece above about the new "Hellcats" show: Referring to Ben Browder as a "newcomer" clearly indicates that you are either new at this or seriously uninformed. Anyway... the word is that Ben wisely removed himself from this show.


@Hellcats Fan: Are you kidding me??? I'm sure people rather watch Nikita than the stupid Hellcats...What a childish show!!!!


My prediction is that Hellcats will flop, because it looks like garbage. Now Nikita I'll watch.


What the heck does facebook fans have to do with it? I'm sure a lot of people who watch disney are a fan of the show just, because of that Ashley Tisdale girl. Doesn't mean much, because Ashton had over 1 million twitter followers and Mischa Barton, Corbin Blue from High School Musical 1 & 2 yet The Beautiful Life still flopped and was canceled after only two episodes.


I disagree, I think that Hellcats will definitely do better than Nikita, simply because of the demographic that the CW normally targets. Check out the Facebook fan pages of Hellcats and Nikita, which ones have the most followers. Hellcats reached over 6,000 in a weeks time (now at 7,200) and Nikita is struggling at just over 2,600. I'm not saying that Nikita wouldn't be a good show, because I personally, would probably love it, but I'm just thinking that not many of the CW's typical demo is excited about it and will tune in.


I am so exciting and cannot wait to watch the Nikita..

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