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The ending to the show was perfect to what we've been watching for 6 years now. The characters had become a part of our own lives, giving us the opportunity to be a part of their struggles and their triumphs. We laughed and cried with them, we rooted for our favourites and hoped for the demise of others. The finale wrapped up only the loose ends of the 815 survivors because they are the point of the show. The Dharma, Widmore, hieroglyphs, numbers, polar bears, etc. were not a part of them but a part of the island. In the end, the writers gave us a conclusion to satisfy any viewer, with the chance to create our own opinions on the afterlife and the choices we make leading up to it.

Thank you Lindelof and Cuse, it's been a great run.


Pardon me for coming off as a fanboy but I found this to be one of the best series finales that I have ever seen. After six years, they were brave enough to give us a long happy ending. Reminded me of Lord of the Rings actually.

And the author's criticisms of the plot are actually incorrect.

- Rose and Bernard didn't pull Desmond to safety. Sayid left him a rope and he escaped where it turns out he found Rose and Bernard

- Jack and Lock didn't "run into each other" they were on their way to the same place.

- And finally of course the new Jacob didn't have a plan. It's always been part of Jack's character to go with his gut, whether it turns out to be a good idea or a bad idea. No character in this series is infallible. I think this was part of the beauty of the "Across the Sea" episode. It illustrated that nobody knows all the answers, no matter how much previous tv watching has trained us to think Jacob knew everything. He was just a man trying to figure it all out with what he had. Just like everyone else.

Ultimately this story is about characters. And these characters were set in a crazy fantastic backdrop. It doesn't matter why Walt was special. It just mattered that he was special. He was a candidate ( I would presume ). It also doesn't matter why Hurley can see the dead and Miles can communicate with them.

Anyways, obviously I give it a big thumbs up and am thankful that Lindelof and Cuse didn't feel the need to give us the Midochloreans treatment and answer everything for the sake of answering it.

Not everything matters why. It just matters to know that it happens for a reason. this is the ultimate journey we have through life, which doesn't give us all the answers, and I commend this show for not having the ego to try and tell us what to think.


If you can't enjoy the telling of the story, you don't deserve then ending.

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