Lost Series Finale: Sound Off Now!

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The end has come.

After six incredible, exhilirating, ambitious seasons, Lost concluded its iconic run tonight.

It was a two-and-a-half episode chock full of enlightenment, resolutions and action - and we're still trying to wrap our minds around it all.

As I work on my detailed recap and review of the series finale, I want to know your instant reaction to the show: WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE FINALE?

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the writers of lost should be shot and not allowed to do any shows. they are stupid with no ideas in their pea brains. what a let down the finale was like an episode of dynasty in 80's. damon the geek and carlton the shit, kill ur self, as writers you should exceed in your work with people praising you for your creativeness, but you gave us a pile of krap. you guys are the worst writer ever,you have never had any ideas about how the show is going to end just mumbo jumbo. are you high on drugs or just plain retards you didnot explain nothing, feel sorry for the fans who say it was a good ending, they are just wierdos like the writers. damon and carlton you have let viewers down son dont put a smile in your ugly faces and retire.


am saying that everyone died when the plan crashed because u never told me what the island really was is why am saying this ... think about it why when they was saying we all have to go back season 5 but u never bring Aren back cause he never was real just something that was wanted by the crew and if penny was there going to heaven when did she die ?? I always said that when I found out Locke could walk that all of them were dead then explain the hole richard when locke was born he sees him and says he is special and looked the same at that point was he an Angel ... again there dead on the island the Jacob and the MIB/smoke was them choosing heaven or hell


Sorry in advance, but this needs to be said: The WTF-style comments betray Lost's dirty little secret: it is watched (blessing and curse) by a much broader audience (in terms of education and level of thinking/reasoning/imagining) than similarly-cerebral hits such as Battlestar Galactica or Dr Who. Some of whom never really absorbed anything in the last six years beyond facts in the plot of what seemed to them like a fascinating "mystery" that would be solved completely at some point. The people who kept watching in hope of such an ending were simple fools. Sorry. Keep in mind - all you people who were satisfied by the series finale - a lot of the same people who watch Lost also watch Despirate Houswives...


I'm in the UK and I got up at 5am to watch it streamed live on sky1 Was its worth me getting up that early!! yes I suppose it was. The truth is the show is called lost, and thats not just the characters its the audience too. so what better way to end a show called lost than to leave everybody still completely lost. I thought it would be a lot more epic, I was hoping for more of a battle and to see some serious dramatic death scenes like kate dying in jacks arms etc but it just didnt deliver any shockers at all. Fair play to the actors for a fantastic series, and well done to the writers for making serious money by lying through your teeth and making all of us losties look like complete and utter idiots while you laugh at us for believing you had a plan all along. what better way to keep the network from cancelling you than to convince everyone that the show really is going somewhere. and to keep your audience from turning off in the millions by letting us beleive we will finally get answers. Ive got 1 word to describe us all "mugs"


Some money hungery loser who cant really come up with a decent ending for anything said... I know lets make a show that gives no real answers for 6 years and totally goes no where in the sence of telling a stright forward story, instead lets use bits of crap from all kinds of things we like and put symbols an numbers everywhere and not really explain any of it... Then in the final season promise answers but only give a few and then make it so theres even more questions... So everyone will watch it and give us high ratings and then promise or hint at ther fact that "all" but not really all questions will be answered on the dvd/blue ray.... then when everyone buys them..... Season 7 and lets do it all over again :) yeahhh because thats how stupid people are ^^ Each episode was like a mini film based on something we know nothing about but want to know and the key questions we were waiting to have answered, we were distracted from with topless men an hot girls running about shagging each other.... Well done to the producers for distracting millions of people for 6 years with totally made up crap that makes no sense what so ever... Il watch season 7 though... only once iv downloaded it like all the rest, im not paying your wages for that crap lol


So in the end, it was all about their time on the island being the most important time in their lives, despite the fact that it was full of almost nothing but pain, terror and confusion and wound up killing most of them horribly for no real reason other than to kill an evil dude from 2,000 years ago whose exact threat to the world was never clearly defined. But oh look they're so happy and they love each other now that they're dead and in this weird purgatory place that they created to "find" each other even though it consists of them living out duplicate lives where they don't remember who they are until like 30 years later. Fuck this show.


when they were in the sideways/purgatory life on the plane..there was a scene that showed the island/statue under water. was this a result of bits breaking off during the light fiasco or had it happened later on..maybe this is how hurley and ben died? how does jack have a son if both he and juliet died on the island. comments please.


I thought it ended the only way it could. Anyone who doesn't get it just doesn't get it. End off. Thought the writers did a brilliant job. What you take from it depends on your own beliefs, heaven and hell, good and evil, the in between life, afterlife etc. The choice is yours, use your imagination. Personally I think they all died in the plane crash and everything in between was their journey to the other side and to get there you had to be at peace with yourself. I think specifically it was Jack's journey (he was the hero that he always wanted to be, as were Kate, Hurley and Sawyer - redemption) and everyone ultimately wants to find love in some form or other don't they?


Remember that movie years ago... The Sixth Sense? We've already seen this bullcrap ending.


i loved the finale!!! the reunion was amazing!!! i cried so much!!! and everyone was happy (jack/kate, sawyer/juliet, sayid/shannon, charlie/claire, hurley/libby) beautiful!!!!


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Find a suitcase. If there's anything you want in this life, pack it in there, because you're never coming back.

Ben [to Jack]

Why there is a dead Pakistani on my couch?

Hurley's mom