Rookie Blue Series Premiere: What Did You Think?

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Hyped by critics and ABC as "Grey's Anatomy in a police station," Rookie Blue debuted tonight.

Did it meet your expections? Have you already set a DVR series recording for it, or do you never wanna see Missy Peregrym ever again?

We'll published a detailed recap and review first thing Friday morning, but are asking readers for their immediate feedback first: WHAT DID YOU THINK?

Rough First Day

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I thought this show was absolutely horrible.... 1) Canadian Production Company obviously did 0 research on the US police force. 2) This show makes it look like the only thing Police Academies teach our police force is how to be dumb and pretty. It is a complete insult to the people who risk their lives for us every day. Take a lesson from The Shield and use realistic people for these roles.... Jesus, even the drug addict Tranny was pretty. Which reminds me, cops don't call their station "The Barn", that was just a term used in The Shield to describe one particular station, but then again that would involve actually doing some research on this subject. 3) What a surprise... the single "slutty" black girl has a kid at home. Jesus writers... 4) HORRIBLE writing. Towards the beginning of the show the main character takes a Domestic Disturbance call, they respond, the neighbor who called it in says "I called you guys 15 minutes ago, after talking for a little while shots are heard... then at the end of the show the kid says "It all happened so fast". So the kid shoots the guy 15+ Minutes after they argue? What kind of idiotic writing is that? it's like writing Jack Bauer can drive from LAX to Palmdale in 5 minutes! 5) This show belongs on the CW where shows are based on pretty people... not writing and character development.


I enjoyed it :-) With 2 possible sgt. mcdreamys to watch for, Im looking forward to more episodes.


I liked it, and the cast of characters.
To the haters, Get a life.


I liked the McNally character. I certainly have no problem with character driven shows, either -- and so will watch again. The actress in the interview here didn't exactly see the Grey's connection ... and I don't either by the first episode. I do watch Grey's and even thought the 2 hour season finale was the best episode of any show I've ever regularly watched. That said, my initial impression og Grey's (and most particularly the Izzy character) was that the only thing the show was concerned with was having sex every minute of the whole sixty, that the Grey's view of doctors is that all they do is screw all day long and patients are a horrible distraction. I hope the comparison doesn't mean that Rookie Blue is going to start being all about the cops screwing each other at all the crime scenes ....


This show is cr@p. I can't believe they cancelled shows like FlashForward for junk like this. It's as if it was written by a teenager that knows nothing about REAL Police work!!!!


the fact that you people liked this show is why we can't have nice things on TV


I really like the show, cant wait of next weeks episode


Good show. Looking forward to next weeks episode


I really liked it! Can't wait to see where it goes.


I loved this show

Rookie Blue Quotes

There is absolutely no training that prepares you for life on the street.

Staff Sgt. Boyko

First rookie out of their cuffs drinks for free. Everyone else pays.

Oliver Shaw