And the 2010 Emmy Awards Go To...

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The 2010 Emmy Awards kicked off with an impressive dance number, set to Bruce Springstein's "Born to Run" and featuring host Jimmy Fallon; cast members from Glee; Nina Dobrev; Jon Hamm; Joel McHale; Tina Fey; and Jorge Garcia.

Watch it NOW.

From there, it was on to the awards. A list of the major winners is below...

Emmy Opening

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series: Jane Lynch, Glee
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series: Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie
Reality Competition Program: Top Chef
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series: Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series: Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer
Outstanding Drama Series: Mad Men
Outstanding Comedy Series: Modern Family

The best line of the night went to Lynch during her acceptance speech, who thanked her "lord and creator... Ryan Murphy."

An entertaining night all around, featuring a pair of three-peats (Mad Men and Cranston), as well as a few surprises. Are you happy with the results?

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Sad for Lea Michele: she is deserving that Emmy, but she will eventually get one for the next seasons. Also, it seems that Emmy voters (who are they actually?) don't really like Glee. I also thought that Julianna Margulies will get it, too bad she did not.


delighted for Archie Punjabi, Kyra & Modern Family- all well deserved and my favs! Breakin Bad - writng is amazing - out of ballpark creative- what gives?


love the opening, just hate the fact that they had awesome singers in the groups who got barely a chance to sing a tune...


Sooner or later, they've got to recognize that it isn't just the acting on Breaking Bad that is superior. Next year, maybe.


happy for Jim Parsons-he is hilarious! Teed off about Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton-way robbed!!! emmy people don't recognize true talent!


so happy for jim parsons!!! he deserved it :)))


What the hell happened with LOST? :(


Lea got totally robbed. As did Glee. Just sayin'. I'm sad now. Oh well, Glee still has a Golden Globe and I say that trumps an Emmy :D
The opening was hilarious and the show was great. So happy that Jim Parsons won!