The Walking Dead Preview: Will You Watch?

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It will air on AMC.

It will be directed by the man behind The Shawshank Redemption and it's based on a popular graphic novel series.

What else does one need to know about The Walking Dead? The intriguing, zombie-based drama stars Andrew Lincoln and Sarah Wayne Callies, among others. It will premiere with a 90-minute episode on Halloween night and you can get your first extended look at the show below.


[video url="" title="The Walking Dead Trailer"][/video]

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Ms mystic falls

Yes. Recommended by friends. I tried to see what it's about and I think this will be huge.




Very well done from the preview. It seems Darabont (director) is keeping true to the Romero-esque zombie lore he originally created and the Walking Dead comic. AMC has guts and my respect for taking this project on! First Mad Men, then Breaking Bad, and now this. Kudo's to all involved, can't wait to see it.


This series is so NOT 28 Days Later. The only similarity is the hospital scene. Reads the comics and you'll see why. Gonna be awesome.


Hmmmmmm seems very "28 Days Later" meets "I am Legend".. really good effects, I am sure I will watch the first few episodes (with the lights on).