Boardwalk Empire Premiere: Sound Off Now!

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It cost millions to make and received more publicity than any new show of the fall season.

But did Boardwalk Empire live up to the hype? You tell us! We'll publish a detailed review of the series premiere first thing tomorrow morning. For now, we're just asking for the initial reaction of our readers:

What did you think?

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The directors of child actors are careful to use editing and camera angles in lieu of having the children actually witness bad language.


If Nucky is going to continue to wear hats, get him some that fit! The only hat that sits on your ears is a cowboy hat. Nucky looks like his head has shrunk since he bought the hat.


Anyone who whines about a child crying on tv needs to get a life. My niece cries if she doesn't get a cookie. I hardly think that it is necessary to have the child "traumatized" in order to get her to cry. Plus, you notice she was crying for her mommy. You need to turn off HBO immediately because you are too sensitive. Sounds like you provide all of the drama you need!!


I was looking forward to having something interesting to watch on the premium channels that I pay for beside "Dexter". Anyway, I knew I was in trouble when the opening credits for the show came across very "HBOish". Although visually well done the opening credits have a 1920's era Steve Buscemi doing his opening credit thing to these rockin modern day guitar riffs. A more authentic theme song would set the stage for the viewer that they were about to watch something more authentic. Instead it was overblown and over-hyped. Beginning to wonder if Scorsese is loosing his touch and should suspect so after "Shutter Island". Furthermore, maybe my expectations shouldn't be very high of a channel that churns out ridiculous crap fantasy in the form of "True Blood" Maybe it is just me missing "The Sopranos" and hoping to relive that experience.


Miss Sheila Oliver, the only person you could be appalled at is the child actor's parents for allowing it to happen and even that is a bit far-fetched. This is about a show not about a scene that left you appalled and shaken take Xanax for your anti-anxiety.


I generally thought it was good, although I am exacting when it comes to regional accents and Atlantic City people do not have New York accents; they have Philly accents. I do not know why they cannot get this right. A producer friend of mine says it is due to lazy actors; New York accents are easier than Philly accents. I guess that explains it, but I expected more from Scorsese.


Really wanted to like this show, did not keep my interest towards the end


I stopped watching tonight's premiere to send this message. The scene I just witnessed was so disturbing I immediately stopped to search the Net for viewers' reactions. I cannot believe I am alone in my reaction and response. I speak of the scene wherein a child (under 3 years of age) is seated at a kitchen table eating dinner while her character's father proceeds to physically and verbally abuse his wife. Whether this child witnessed these actors play out this scene and reacted accordingly, or some special effect was used to otherwise cause panic in this child's mind, how ever it was accomplished, it was done so for the purpose of entertainment and for this I am appalled and left shaken.


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