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Boardwalk Empire Series Premiere Sneak Peek: Watch Now!

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The most anticipated, ambitious, expensive series premiere of the season airs on Sunday night.

HBO presents Boardwalk Empire, a drama starring Steve Buscemi and focusing on Atlantic City in the early 1920s. Return to TV Fanatic first thing Monday morning for a detailed review of the pilot episode, and get an early look at it below.

The following scene focuses on pressing issues of the era: alcohol and suffrage.

[video url="" title="Boardwalk Empire Clip"][/video]

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Boardwalk Empire Quotes

Kingdoms rise, kingdoms fall. Pretenders reach for the throne but only Caesar can rule and the pretenders fade away. What does it all mean? In the words of Marcus Aurelius, the universe is change, our life is what our thoughts make it. And my thoughts are this, everybody in this room, is going to get rich.

Salvatore Maranzano

Why must it always be pandemonium?

Van Alden
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