Sons of Anarchy Spoilers: A Shocking Act, A Huge Twist

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Shocking acts and major twists are par for the Sons of Anarchy course.

But in light of Abel's kidnapping, multiple sources are teasing that fans of this FX drama should prepare for a couple especially significant developments.

First, Fancast reports that Gemma will soon learn about her missing grandson. The subsequent, "desperate act" will be the character's "most shocking exploit yet," which is saying a lot for someone who committed stone-cold murder last season.

As for Jax and Tara? E! News assures readers that the riff between them won't lead to a break-up... but instead to a "huge twist" concerning the couple.

What might that be? Take your best guess now!

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I think i know what the HUGE TWIST is about and i don't think that it's Tara being pregnant. Kurt Sutter is a genius writer and i don't think that having Tara puke up and being all emotional will result in the "big twist" being she's pregnant. It's something we don't see coming and it involves something from her past. Kurt has said that the 3rd season is about the backstory of these characters and i think it has something to do with that. I just know that it's going to be good when we find out what the huge twist is about.


I definitly think Doc gets knocked up.


Jax doesn't sleep with Ima actually. It's all a part of his plan to get Tara out of town. He gets Ima to help him with that. Jax and tara will be fine at the end of this season.


Abel dies this season. But Tara is pregnant. Jax will sleep with Ima. Big rift between J/T with Jax treating her like crap. Hostage crisis at the hospital.


the hostage taking in episode 12 is true too bad Jax sleeps with Ima in episode 7


wow what a informative article , somethings gonna happen and it will be surprising!! Wow!!! what insight you have ML House, your a TARD!!


*he not her


Tara get preggers. A hostage situation erupts at the hospital w tara and jax realizes her cant live without her.

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