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America’s Next Top Model has been putting a lot of weight on the impending winner of Cycle 15 because, this time, she’s not just a winner of a reality modeling show...  she's the future of the modeling world.  So says Tyra anyway.

But it's true that the prizes at stake are much more serious this season, and perhaps the winner will actually find the sort of success previous champions have not.

Roberto Cavalli on ANTM

With that in mind, the finale seemed more harried and perfunctory than in previous seasons; I thought it had too many components and it was just a giant race to the finish.  Let’s  break it down, shall we?

The Photoshoot
Finally, Chelsey and Ann shoot their future cover for
Vogue Italia, and who should greet them but Valentina Serra, who by the way, sounds like she’s mimicking an Italian accent. It sounds so strangely exaggerated. 

The photoshoot is fairly straightforward; it’s natural and classic in a rustic setting.  For such a monumental shoot, it was actually quite anti-climactic; I guess we should just wait to see the actual covers to appreciate the specialness of Vogue Italia.

The Commercial
No ANTM finale would be complete without a Covergirl commercial.  Chelsey and Ann are so lucky that they do not have to memorize lines because that has often been the downfall of many a potential model and their makeup.  Instead, they get to do voiceovers. 

Everyone is happy all around because the commercial goes so much faster and smoother without all the flubbing and random ad-libbing.  Ann is surprisingly chipper and not awkward during the commercial.

A big surprise comes in the form of Ann and Chelsey’s family.  And holy crap does Ann’s brother look just like Ann with short hair. It's eerie.

The Runway
Liz, Chris, Jane and Kayla come back for Roberto Cavalli’s runway show, led by Krista of Cycle 14.  Poor Ann, whose Kryptonite is the runway, is gangly as usual, and while she has improved a lot, does still look like a very pretty, incredibly tall Frankenstein.  At least she waited until after the show to trip on her heels.  I didn’t think Chelsey walked very well, either; in fact, the best walks of the night came from Kayla.

Final Photo Shoot

The Judging
Is it just me, or was the judging more confusing than usual?  Perhaps it was the numerous components, but as the judges all gave their input, it started to become a blur and I lost track of who liked whom.  That was probably meant to confuse the viewers and not clue them in on who would win.

(Sidenote: I find it a bit strange that the judges love Chelsey’s gap teeth somuch, but made such a big deal back in Cycle 6 and made Danielle close hers.) 

Is anyone surprised when Ann wins ANTM?  I think it was to be expected that Ann was crowned the winner since she’s been the clear favorite from the very beginning.  Boy does Tyra know how to milk the dramatics of the LIFE ALTERING event of winning America’s Next Top Model.

The Winner!
Was anyone surprised when Ann was crowned the champion? She was the clear favorite from the very beginning.  Boy, does Tyra know how to milk the dramatics of the LIFE ALTERING event of winning America’s Next Top Model, doesn't she?

Ann says graduating high school was the hardest thing she did. Now, come on, who says models aren’t smart?

Ann’s mother says "I can’t believe how beautiful she looks... she looks like a woman," something her daughter should definitely be proud of. It took winning a reality show to become a "real woman" in her mom's eyes, apparently.

So, TV Fanatic, what did you think of Cycle 15?  Can you compare it to other season? Are you happy Ann won?


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Your comments are not just snarky - they're ignorant as well. Clever you talking about Ann's difficulty completing High School and inferring that this means that models (like Ann) are stupid. Ann's struggles in completing high school clearly had nothing to do with her intelligence (I found her, in fact, to be obviously very intelligent), but rather with the agony of continuous teasing from her peers combined with painful shyness. I also think it's an absurd reach to state that it took their daughter becoming ANTM for her parents to see her as a woman. Ann is 19, vulnerable and shy. This was likely the first time her parents had seen her poised and confident and moving forward with her life. It is around this age (or a bit older) that parents do begin to see the adult in their children. Stop trying so hard to be an a**hole.


I am truly excited that Ann won. She's very sweet and takes amazing pics. From the beginning it's always been her. However, I was hoping that by the end of the show she would have made much more of an improvement with her confidence and stage presence. I would love for her the prove a lot of people wrong and totally blow them out of the water, both in North America and Europe. Tyra knows Ann's personality and I don’t believe she will just throw her out to the wolves without at least coaching her a little more. If my speculations are correct, Ann was chosen because they knew her flaws could be fixed and that's exactly what they are planning on doing. You'll see. In a couple months, she'll be a whole new Ann. Go get them girl!!


Ann deserved to win. Her pictures were STUNNING. Chelsey was pretty, but she is also 23 years old. A little to late for her to launch that much wanted / desired career. She will do will in the US in commercials. I am happy Ann won. SHE DESERVED IT.


I don't know what to think about Ann being ANTM. She doesn't seem to have the whole package yet and her walk is still horrible looking. I was hoping that Kayla would at least be in the final 2, because she was the one that I thought had potential in all areas --high fashion, American, European, commercial, you name it. But I wasn't really surprised when Ann won anyway. You're right, she was always the judge's favorite, and I thought it was RIDICULOUS how she won 5 best photos in the first 5 weeks. The judges hyped her photos up and neglected to acknowledge anyone else who was taking great photos! Please. They were good photos-- and a few really good-- but not THAT good all the time. 5 best photos in a row--seriously??

Whipped by damon

Team Ann- I was happy about that result! Hopefully she´ll make it and be an inspiration to gangly awkward girls the world over!


not everyone will look hi-fashion with a gap. Tyra as a SUPERMODEL who have A LOT OF EXPERIENCE in modelling industry really know about this issue. Daniele from cycle 6 didn't look hi-fashion at all with her gap. her persona didn't pop out. remember her 1st covergirl commercial. she's so pretty, but when she smiled?? so Tyra made a decision to close her gap. and lookes what happened at her 2nd covergirl commercial! STUNNING! now,
Chelsey with a wider gap.. com'on people.. her gap made her look so hi-fashion. i think her face, bone structure really match with this gap. so i think this gap took a part to made chelsey's look more fabulous and help her to keep going till the finale. I do love her gap..maybe she will like the average girl if she didn't accept tyra's suggestion. anothe example, Madonna! isn't she look fabulous with her gap? i believe she has money just to close her gap? but why she didn't do that? because her face look more stunning with those gap.
so i think enough about this Gap issue!


Every big magazine like Vogue has arranged their future issue for a whole year. so it's really ridiculous if Ann win this month and she will apeared at next month. this is not about making a newspaper! but making a Vogue Magazine or to be future on their web site! i bet at least in the early of 2010 (like previous cycle) she will be on Italian Vogue mag or web. and yeah!! Ann deserved to win, like Nigel said "never saw a face like Ann before!" she new, she fresh, and have a big potrntial to pursue career not just in US but in Europea too. and Like Cavalli said "she still young!!" let her grow and learn. even the famous Frida Gustavon still learn with her supermodel title. so you will not see the perfections here..all you can see the top model in the making, who have a big potential and want to learn and FYI : ANN WARD TOTALLY HAVE THAT. SO SHE DESERVED TO WIN!!!


While I knew it was coming, I'm not happy in the least. They always make such a big deal about personality, and Ann has none. Also, they had a whole discussion about how Ann is more high fashion and good for Europe, while Chelsey is the best choice for America. It's AMERICA's top model with the cover of Italian Vogue so if it was still Seventeen would Chelsey have won? Probably not. Ann's walk was bad, her picture wasn't good and her voice in the commercial was bad, and that's how I knew she was going to win the whole shebang. I also recall Danielle having to close her gap and they actually made Chelsey's bigger. I'm glad Tyra admitted that her walk is from the 90s and shouldn't be done now, but she still suggested Chelsey try it.


i am insanely happy that Ann won, she really deserved it, she had the talent, the looks. Whereas, Chelsea already had her chance, which by the way, she barely learned anything from, she's too commercial, TOO fake, and I do not think Chelsea did any good. Ann, did get the top picture of the week FIVE times in a row, that gave me the instinct that she was going to win, and she did. Akward, and shy girls can win, no matter what. Congrats, Ann! :)


this was the first time in all my years of watching this show, and loving it, that I didn't think EITHER finalist should have gotten to be in the finals...and, it is the first time I have seen the judges, at the final panel, almost seem to regret having chosen these two, since neither girl did well in any part of these final competitions...I also have never seen that hapen, that both really don't do well at all...

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