The Walking Dead Season Two Tease: What's In a Whisper?

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"Anytime you can end a season of a television show with a giant explosion, I say you go for it."

So laughed executive producer Robert Kirkman about this week's episode of The Walking Dead, which saw the survivors enter the Center for Disease Control, learn more about their plight (the outbreak is a global crisis) - and get out before the facility self-destructed.

This storyline was not included in the graphic novel series, which Kirkman created, but he told TV Guide that's fine with him.

Walking Dead Scene

"I'm very much opposed to showing what the actual cause [for the zombies] is and explaining how things work," Kirkman says. "But teasing a little bit is a great thing. If it adds an extra layer to the drama, then I'm all for it. It also led up to the fantastic mystery of the whisper Jenner gives to Rick at the end of that scene. That's going to play into Season 2 quite a bit. I know where that's going and it's really a cool bit."

Kirkman is also okay with the series diverging from his stories because he doesn't want the show spelled out for those who have read his books.

"One thing that's very important to me is that no one comes into this television show having read the comic knowing exactly what's going to happen," he says. "We're always going to change things up and keep people guessing."

So, what can fans expect to see on season two of The Walking Dead, which won't premiere until October 2011?

  • Hershel's farm.
  • The introduction of Maggie, a love interest for Glenn.
  • The introduction of Michonne, a sword-wielding survivor.
  • More of Merle.

"I am very open to the show being its own animal," Kirkman says. "And there [may be] certain things that are done that make it impossible to do something else from the comic book. As long as the show is entertaining and I am happy with how it's turning out, I think anything goes."

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TIL OCTOBER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best Zombie TV show ever.


I absolutely loved this series...the ongoing drama and trauma- it's so well done of it's portrayal of the human element amidst total chaos and destruction....truly Brilliant- However; that being said, I am extraordinarily discouraged at having just found out I have to wait 10 months for a new show...I think "crappy" suits this situation just fine- there is building suspense but there is also "distracted loss of interest"- which I think having a ten month break between these two seasons is and is way too much...Anyway, LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! Amazing!


Does anyone know if they are going to held auditions to participate in season 2?


I agree survival would be most important and loitering, for lack of a better word, would more then likely make what life has become, a little bit easier. You really have something here I think. You have the oppotunity to make every "zombie movie" lover's dreams come true... keeping the story going. Where the movie would end you are able to just well keep going, and I know towards or at the end of a good zombie movie, were always wishing for more! Can't wait for season 2!


Ten more months until season two? That's too long and will probably lose some of it's audience as a result.


i think you really have a show here and could be a hit maybe the story line is slow starting off and people are not utlizing the resources that are around.which would make it more realistic cause if i was in a situation like that my survival instincts would be in over drive. remember it's the end of the world nobody is left for what you think and your not living to live but merly surviving in hope that things will get better. hope this helps for the series to come and thanks for taking this bold step.

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