The Walking Dead Season 2 Spoiler: Welcome, Michonne!

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What's in a whisper? As previously reported, that question will play a key role on season two of The Walking Dead.

What else can fans expect when this AMC hit returns? Teases Jeryl Prescott Sales (Jaqui) to TV Guide:

"I think it is going to go further into the human dilemma, what these people have to deal with day to day - life and love and stress and losing people they care about and the struggle to survive. I also think they're going to see Michonne (pictured), the figure from the comic book that everyone's waiting to see."


But what about Jaqui herself? Did she make it out alive from a certain explosive event on the season one finale?

"The DVD drops March 8, and if you watch Episode Six over and over and over again, you might discover something," the actress says.


i tottally agree with robin didnt even think of that..cant wait for season 2.


******************[SPOILER ALERT]******************** It doesn't matter who's baby it is, Shane, Lori, AND the baby ALL die. Speculation is pointless. (PS - This is according the comic. They may decide to change it up a bit)


I have watched episode 6 over and over again and i really dnt see what jackie is talking about ?!? unless the ending is that the CDC Is a under ground facility, so only the top half blew up ?!? Any help here ppl ?!? Xx


or could be he was watching on the cam in the gameroom and told him to watch his wife or to watch shane


i agree with the previolus comment, although i don't know who the baby would belong to, seeing as she was cheating on Rick with Shane, but its soon as Rick came back into her life, she ignored Shane, even kinda started hating on him....even though she was almost like in love with him....whats that say...PLAYER!!!


I would place money that what the Doctor whispered was that Ricks wife if pregnant. What else? He did take blood samples and it would be a big mystery as to whom the baby was - Ricks or Shanes! Just a guess on my part tho.

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