Ashley Hebert Named The Next Bachelorette

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She didn't even make The Bachelor finale (she came in third), but Ashley Hebert was confirmed as the new star of The Bachelorette after the show last night.

The announcement came on Jimmy Kimmel Live, just hours after the season finale aired on ABC. Brad Womack selected Emily Maynard over Chantal O'Brien.

On the After the Final Rose special, Chantal revealed that she is already in a new relationship, possibly explaining why she isn't the new Bachelorette star.

Ashley Hebert Photo

This summer, Ashley Hebert graduates from dental school ... to The Bachelorette!

A 26-year-old native of far-flung Madawaska, Maine, the effervescent cutie looks forward to turning the tables and having the guys fight for her this time.

Unlike the sentiment expressed by many viewers after the show, Ashley said she has full confidence in Brad and Emily. She has no hard feelings, either.

The new season kicks off Monday, May 23 on ABC, with filming set to begin early next month. What do you think of Ashley Hebert as The Bachelorette?

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i just started to watch the bachelorette online. And in my opinion ashley is just not my idea of ....i dnt even know what to say. but i remember the last bachelorette...and how she dealt witht he RATED R guy...she was so bad ass!... But how ashley is dealing with this guy here that she was warned about in the first just unattractive and needy. I hate this season of the bachelorette, so far and i dont thnk it'll get better


I agree with everyone who has posted! Ashley is very stupid. I hope all the guys leave if she brings Bentley back! It pisses me off that she got picked as the bachelorette. You can tell a lot from a persons actions and she is well on her way to be heart broke. I guess it does not matter what the viewers say though...all ABC wants is that they have high ratings!


She is seriously bowlegged, the dumb b&%# walks around like she has a 12 inch dildo up her butt. Wtf was Abc thinking when they put her on the show. All that damn crying! For the love of God some one shut her the hell up.
She got on my Fkn nerves when she was on the Bachelor with Brad Womack. When I learned that she was the New Bachelorette I was pissed.
Btw when she does finish dental school, who wants this dumb Bit#* working on your teeth?
Abc Next Time Lets Put a very confident Woman who knows what the hell she wants!


Ashley is so annoying with her crying, analyzing everything. She is actually really stupid. She acts like she is 12 years old. Bad choice. I am sure you lost a lot of viewers.


I agree..Annoying, immature, and stupid. I can't stand Ashley. She's in it for all the wrong reasons. All she cares about is how "hot" they look....that will make a lasting relationship, now won't it? She is the WORST Bachelorette EVER!


I hate watching Ashley. She is too immature and annoying. All her guys seem very sweet, I hope none of them have the misfortune of ending up with her.


Agreed....the fake annoying laughter is damaging to my tympanic membrane. For being labelled a braniac, she has no depth of character and has made a poor career choice by pursuing a reality TV career while feigning a career in dentistry. Not a good resume builder for an associateship...


She is the MOST annoying and insecure woman to be on T.V. with her constant fake maniacle laughter... Eeew


Not a good choice. She's a nice young lady, but is without personality and very bland. I doubt very much if I will be watching - all that's changed is the face! Everything else remains the same, with the villain and the idiot and the sweet young thing. Give me Brothers and Sisters any day - oh yes, that series ABC saw fit to take off the air. Guess it all comes down to the fact that they have to pay the actors and the reality shows cost next to nothing!!


What is ABC thinking? She is is so BORING !!! Like watching paint dry. The execs at ABC should be fired for canceling V and Brothers and Sisters and replacing it with this unwatchable junk. I guess its time to cancel my cable subsription.