Fringe Spoilers: Season Finale Death to Come!

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According to Fringe producer Jeff Pinker, a third universe will NOT be introduced on the May 6 season finale.

But that doesn't mean the show won't incorporate a world different from our own in some way, one referred to as heaven: "Somebody who we all love deeply will die," Pinker told us during a conference call.

What a Sight...

Added fellow producer J.H. Wyman: “Fringe always does things the way you don’t expect, so it’s going to be effective, and it will be self-explanatory. That's sort of all we can say without spoiling anything.”

We'll let Pinker tease the final words on the upcoming finale: "Hopefully it will be wholly unexpected and it will recontextualize the story of Season 3 in a really cool way, and be fun and entertaining and mind-blowing.”

Count us in.


John Scott.


No ever meantions Astrid


What if its Astrid?


Im am hoping they merge both universes into one, leaving any character with a double in jeopardy of dying. That would leave Broyles, Charlie and Peter safe, but Lincoln, Olivia and Walter could die. I would love to see, Walter with Peter's Alternate Mom, give Peter and Olivia back their mothers, and of course maybe leave the baby with Peter and Olivia to raise? That would be awesome!


It's our Olivia, but I believe it is the future. Saw pictures with Peter, Walter, and Olivia and they look older.


I'm not going to worry the producers have us and nobody has a clue what is going to happen, I give up guessing it's time to just enjoy the ride, The one thing we all know is fact is they are under contract for season four.


Or our Olivia...


I just hope it isn't Peter.

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