Hellcats Review: "Before I Was Caught"

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Finally. This is the Hellcats I have been waiting for all season.

After a so-so episode last week, the freshman series returned with an installment filled with scandals, surprises, and secrets. Let’s discuss.

Marti on Hellcats

Hello Emily! Girl knows how to make an entrance. Red’s ex-wife showed up on the scene and wasted no time making her ex and Vanessa uncomfortable.

I love these two together and having Emily back in the picture can only make for some more drama. I wouldn’t mind seeing how the couple’s relationship folded out years ago. Vanessa is right though, Em wants to bury them.

Alice was back with her attitude and gut punching one liners and it felt good. Although the caring Alice is sweet, we can not lose the resident mean girl. Lewis and her seem to have found their way back to a friendly point. Am I sensing a hook up before season’s end?

The Honor Court situation brought together most of the key characters, but honestly, I could have done without it. Sure, it is nice seeing Marti in lawyer mode and Savannah and Lewis’ friendship. But nothing happened. I mean nothing. The possible consequences were to lose two of the best members; the outcome - nothing of importance.

The only good thing about it? Welcoming back Julian Parrish.

Hellcats went ahead and pulled a Vampire Diaries. "Before I Was Caught” was a solid hour with it’s best scene starting at the very end of the episode. Julian and Marti finally gave into their flirting and hooked up. This was HOT! Mulian? Jarti?

Whatever it is, I don’t care. I wan’t more of it. This pairing may be the first real chemistry between a couple on the show. 

Some side notes...

  • The new Athletic Director means business. Things are not looking so good for Red Raymond right now.
  • The benefit performance - not the best of the season, possibly the worst. It was super weird, right?
  • Hellcats has not been renewed for a second season yet. If you want that to happen, make sure you check out the final episodes of the season!

So what did you think, TV Fanatics? Excited about Marti & Julian? Miss Wanda tonight? Sound off and let us know what you thought of “Before I Was Caught."


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I LOVE Marti and Julian!!! Btw the person that thinks she's putting her scholarship on the line: Marti and Julian were talking about him NOT teaching at the school right now, so he's not her professor anymore. He left teaching to work on overturning the 3 strikes law. So technically no one can get into trouble for their relationship.


who said hellcats hasn't been renewed for season 2? according to the cw hellcats had an early renewal


I loved the episode and especially the Marti + Julian scenes they were hot! Marti + Julian have been flirting with each other for a while now so I don't know how you(damonandelijah) can say that they never showed interest in each other before this. Julian is most definitely not married and they say in the episode that Julian isn't her teacher anymore. That he left teaching to try and get the three strikes law over turned and he will return to teaching when he either gets the law over turned or runs out of money. Bottom line is Julian and Marti have awesome chemistry together and I want MOOOOOORE!


Sorry but I am not feeling Marti and Julian at all... Maybe because the student and professor has been done so much before in other shows its too predictable.. I hope this show does get more interesting I feel as if it is just jumping around the place


isn't the whole thing weird though? I mean he is her professor and she is a student...with a scholarship and she's going to ruin everything for herself by the end of the season..other than that, I think it was a good episode yet not the best


im pretty sure Julian is not married! Marti and Julian were HOTTTTTTT!!!! i feel like she works with an older man, savanaha and dan im not a fan of (they have no chemistry to me) and lewis and alice are only good for the occasional hook up in my mind. Keep the episodes like this and hopefully it does get renewed!


is julian married? I dont know if it was ever mentioned one way or another; just curious. I really like these two together because they do have the best chemistry on the show, but not a fan of storyline that is trying to mirror red/vanessa from ten years past.


My favorite episode of the season, hands down. With the exception of the weird benefit routine, the show kept my attention for the entire hour. I suspect, though, that it was largely due to the fact that tonight's episode had what the rest of the season had been sorely missing...more than 30 seconds of screen time for Gale Harold. I noticed the chemistry between Aly and Gale in their very first scenes and have been sticking with Hellcats all season in hopes that the CW would exploit it. Tonight, the sparks were flying between Marti & Julian and the passionate kiss was a great way to end the episode. I want MORE!!


I was excited about tonights episode but I already knew that he was covering for Savannah because they was agruing with eachother too much. I am also happy to be seeing sweet Alice and mean Alice but I feel they are going to make Alice and Lewis back a couple when I will only be for Jalice. I have to see more of Marti and Julian because they did not show romantic interest into eachother until this episode and I cannot wait to see what Emily have in store for Red and Vanessa.

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