Sons of Anarchy Season Four Scoop: The Future of Jax and Tara

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Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter has offered us a glimpse at season four.

Already having teased a "reboot" for the FX drama, the producer told Entertainment Weekly season four will pick up 14 months after events from the November finale, but fans shouldn't expect him to use flashbacks at any point.

"You’ll learn through story and you’ll see visually. I think a lot of it will be filled in throughout the season," he says.

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A major part of the Sons of Anarchy story is based around Jax and Tara, of course. What can we expect out of these two? Do they have a future?

“[The beginning of the season is] really about both of them figuring out what’s going to happen and making a decision about what’s going to happen," Sutter says. "I think it’ll be about how one foot out the door, one foot in, doesn’t work anymore. I think this season, a lot of that fluctuation will come to a head and a decision will have to be made.”


Love Love Love SOA when my husband suggested I watch it I thought he was crazy I just started watching on netflix last month and watched all 3 seasons in a week now Im dying for season 4 to start hope this show lasts a long time.


season 4 is under way filming. I hope they follow up with great action and plenty of new business. I hope to see Grim Basterds back. Also .. on the fence if Jax and Tara should make it. She is always such a poop face. Lighten up chick.. "Ride or die"..


What you all don't seem to understand is, there are no MCs like what you see on the show. I've ridden for almost 45 years and still ride a Road King and my ol lady rides a Street Bob (FXDB like what the sons all ride and we HATE non-union jap crap) and we have actually ridden with and been friends with members of the Galloping Goose in K.C. and talk about how it's only as close to real as they can show on broadcast tv. If you don't mind all the soapy syrup shit, the show's not too bad. The bikes are pretty cool. I watch the show hoping the members will finally grow a pair of balls and be more like a real club instead of sidewalk commandos. I'm a retired firefighter and moved to Texas for the weather, roads and the riddin here. No snow!


can someone please tell me when SOA comes back on plz


you can purchase on amazon on demand. I don't know when the dvds are out, but I bought the season to watch instantly through amazon.


can anyone please tel me when season 3 on dvd is coming out please let me now thank you


September 1-10 2011between these days the show will start can't wait


season 4 can't start soon enough for me. i used to live in Lodi, california. charming reminds me of Lodi alot. makes me homesick a little.


shouldnt have killed off half sack:(bring on season 4


hope season 4 comes sooooon i love the show i have watched it since the 1st episode hope to keep jax in till it end love your work jax my fave star in all the shows is jax

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