ABC Axes Six Shows

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ABC brought the axe down on a number of shows today, some new, others that were more established and popular. The six casualties were:

  • V
  • No Ordinary Family
  • Mr. Sunshine
  • Brothers & Sisters
  • Off the Map
  • Detroit 1-8-7
V Season Finale Scene
Zach on Off the Map

The network also announced official pick-ups for 12 new shows. They include Charlie's Angels and a new comedy from Tim Allen.

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I want Brothers & Sisters back on. I love that show. It made me laugh, Cry, and to me shows the a real family going through everyday life not like these stupid reality shows that I hate so much. They are not reality it is all fake and if anyone say reality shows are real are just lying through there teeth. I want Brothers & Sisters back on now, that is a show worth watching that the other junk you put on and believe me it is junk you but on. Know wonder ABC is going down along with other networks cause you put all this reality junk on TV and people do not want Reality, we are trying to get away from reality. Shows like Brothers & Sisters give us things that mean something in this world today not that reality junk. I refuse and I have talked with 100 or more people and they all think that reality is stupid and refuse to watch it and most times we rather watch DVDs than watch reality shows or we Watch something else on TV or go on the computer. You better think twice of getting rid of popular shows like Brothers & Sisters than put something stupid on that will flop. I bet you guys do not know what is good or not. I do and most of the shows everyone puts on you wonder why it flopped, when you think it would be a good hit, because you do not know what people really like you just listen to what ever these people say they now what people want they only ask people with money not people who actually does the watching like me. I know what shows would be hits and flopps and people back in the 70s and 80s did also and early 90s, but there has not been any show that lasted longer than Gunsmoke for one, ER for another, Little House on the Priarrie, Alice, The Jeffersons, Facts of Life, and some other old shows. They were the ones we all watched and love.


What's wrong with ABC?! They really should continue with No ordinary family and Off the map (I don't know other shows).
I think it would me much better if the stopped filming Grey's anatomy (8 seasons is more than enough (and no, I'm not saying this, because I don't like GA, cause I love(d) it, but I think it would be nice, if there is a change) and continue with Off the map, because it's much more interesting, cause it's something new. And also with No ordinary family. It's finaly a show, which is different than all others on TV and they cancel it...


They really need to put "V" back into production


ABC (family) sucks. It's all about the money, money..


It's so sad to hear that some great shows were cancelled. What's up with that? I would definitely love to see No Ordinary Family and Off the Map again. Right now, I'm watching a new show called Once Upon a Time and it's definitely intriguing. I would hate to see this show go, but with the trend that ABC has started, a lot of shows don't make it. So sad, and so undependable.


Wtf is with abc first all my children one life to live and now brothers and sisters no odinary family. I think someone on this station needs to be fired!!! Or abc should go under! We need to boycott this dam station the fans pay your bills assholes!!!!

Julie schmidt

V and Off The Map were great shows. I just hate network television.


Brothers and Sisters was one of the finest shows I have seen in a long time.
The story lines dealt with everyday topics that were very real to some people. ABC should rethink their stupid decision of cancelling one of the finest shows on TV.


I will miss Brothers & Sisters so much..The show had such fabulous story lines and a wonderful cast.
This was the one show i looked forward to every week.
I just think ABC made the biggest mistake ever.
You may really want to rethink this stupid decision.. Peggy Snow


ABC must be led by a group of idiots. Network TV sucks at the best of times, but Brothers and Sisters was an excellent show. Trust ABC to cancel a great show with wonderful, multi-dimensional characters and keep crap llike Desperate Houswives afloat!

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