Christopher Meloni: Exiting Law & Order: SVU!

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Another hit series is losing a major star.

Just a few days after Lisa Edelstein confirmed her exit from House, an insider tells TV Line that contract negotiations have broken down between Law & Order: SVU and Christopher Meloni. The actor has portrayed Detective Stabler for 12 seasons.

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Creator Dick Wolf is reportedly searching a known star (we hear Charlie Sheen is available) to come on board opposite Mariska Hargitay, who signed a new deal this month that calls for her to only appear in 13 episodes next season.

Jennifer Love Hewitt may actually be her replacement.

In other words: huge changes are in store for this franchise. Got any suggestions on who should take over for Meloni? The Comments section is waiting to hear them!

UPDATE: Meloni's rep confirms this news: "It is true - 12 great years and time for the next chapter."

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Stabler and Olivia leave, you lose a long time fan, how said. These two have made this show and HIT and have made the producers lots of money!!! Guess I will be watching the marathon repeats on USA, NBC I won't be watching


Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay are NY SVU... Mr. Wolf pay them what they deserve or this show will suffer greatly!


Without Stabler and Benson what do you really have? NOTHING, they are the show! I will not be watching it when they are not on it!!!


If Stabler and Benson will not be together then you will have no L&O SVU, you might have the show with new actors but they will not be Stabler and Benson,nor will they have the chemistry that Eliot & Olivia have together. I dont think the show will last without Stabler and Benson


I will not watch Law & Order-SVU without Benson & Stabler. You people are IDIOTS!


Rather than ruin a fantastic series, why don't they film a 2 episode series finale to tie up loose ends, pay Mariska for the remaining 11 she is contracted for and end it the way a series should end -- as good at the end as it has been since the beginning.


It took me a long time for me to watch this show. Now, you say that Meloni, a great actor even before this show, is leaving and the ghost whisperer is coming aboard. I say, see you later as I won't be able to watch this show again.


Here we go again just like ER and a few other excellent shows the key players are being replaced. Once they do that the show is ruined. Oh well another night free


Well, that is it, Stabler and Benson are why I watch SVU, without them there is no reason to watch. Wonder how long it will take for the show to tank? Not long I imagine. There IS no replacement for Benson and Stabler!!!


i am a loyal fan of svu and watch the reruns every time they are on. taking christopher meloni off the show is a bad idea. benson and stabler are the main characters on the show and they make it great you just cant replace excellent actors with some one else. no one can play stabler as well as christopher and the same for benson. i will not watch svu with out christopher meloni or mariska hargitay.


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