The Biggest Loser Winner is ...

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Olivia Ward is now a living, breathing testament to the benefits of determination and putting one's mind to accomplishing a goal, no matter how substantive.

After an incredible 129-pound weight loss over a span of eight months, the New York City opera singer was crowned Season 11's Biggest Loser on NBC Tuesday.

Here's a before-and-after display of what she achieved:

Olivia Ward Before The Biggest Loser
Olivia Ward After The Biggest Loser

Ward and sister Hannah Curlee became breakout stars following a sensational run during the trip to New Zealand earlier this year, both making the finals.

Also in the final four ahead of the finale were Irene Alvarado and Jay Jacobs, who vied for America's vote and the right to compete for the ultimate prize.

Joining Hannah and Olivia in an all-female final three was Irene, who became a best buddy to the Purple Team during the season. All four were worthy.

In the end, it was Olivia Ward who edged the competition and was crowned the winner. But obviously, all of these giant losers were winners last night!

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Olivia was crowned the Biggest Loser last season. She was on a show with someone else, can't remember who. But she remarked that she is traveling so much now. She mentioned how much she travels and it was really a lot. I would like to know whatever happened to the fact that she wanted to lose the weight and have a baby. That was all she mentioned on the show. She doesn't seem very interested in that any longer.


Was the wrestler "Rulon" at the finals? If he was I missed it...


I just new it was going to be between Olivia n Hannah. I believed frm the beginning u all wld be @ the end. Didn't always know which one wld win until last wk n the a thought it wld be Olivia. Why to go girls, wish I had a partner as u all did. Just awesome, I will keep the show recorded so cld go bck n watch. If u all get this plz tell them to do more on how to count calories, we can see how to wk out, but the us nothing in how to count n very little on food. Need to show, using the pool n what besides swimming laps. What exercises we cld do, it sure wld help out. Hope u all @ biggest loser going to read this. Mahalo Nui!