Emmy Award Nominees to Be Unveiled July 14

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The nominees for the 2011 Emmy Awards will be announced July 14. Fringe star Joshua Jackson and Melissa McCarthy of Mike & Molly fame will do the honors.

This is just the announcement of the nominees, mind you. The actual Emmy Awards will air live Sunday, September 18 on Fox, with Glee's Jane Lynch as MC.

Jackson and McCarthy will join Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Chairman John Shaffner at the pre-dawn ceremony. Can you handle the excitement?!

We hope so. It's not that exciting. But we invite you to share with us who you think deserves an Emmy and to vote in all of the inaugural TV Fanatic Awards!

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I enjoy Fringe very much, however, I don't think there is anything Emmy worthy about the show. The actors are all very good at their craft, but just don't have that wow factor that we usually look for. The storylines, while intriguing, are way too farfetched to compare them to anything else on television. How can one say that this show is better than that show if a show has nothing to compare it to? Sometimes, the show is just way too off the deep end to even be remotely plausible, if any are in the first place. It is a fun show and that's about it.


Kadee Strickland, please!!


the vampire diaries


Isn't it usually a good sign for the show when one of their representatives presents the nominees? Fringe!!!


TV Fanatic has always been loyal in supporting Fringe, Anna Torv, John Noble. My Question
I have been reading other sites and have seen that critics who agree that Fringe should get its Emmy nominations, change their mind because of what they think of what will be voted.
So this way the same people get nominated, not because of their great acting, but because of who they know, out of habit, becuase so and so puts them on the list, etc. Is it possible for TV Fanatic to explain the politics behind the Emmy nominations?
A lot of people are having trouble understanding them. Thank you very much , it will be much appreciated. PS .A very good thing that there is a Critics Choice Award to put some wrong right.