Kurt Sutter on Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Premiere: "Effing Badass"

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Kurt Sutter has posted his first blog entry about season four of Sons of Anarchy.

In it, he appears to address the main criticism from last season, which was still stronger than almost anything any other show on TV could offer, but which shifted the focus a bit away from the core characters.

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The episode that start to air in September, however, feel "very potent," Sutter writes, adding:

"We're back in Charming, we're out of jail and we're making money. With that upswing, comes all the complications that success and power bring.  Season four is all about the club. The personalities, the history, the alliances, the conflicts -- the inside dynamics of an organized outlaw enterprise. Ego, greed, violence and fear reign supreme. I'm halfway through the cut of 401 and it's pretty fucking badass."

Among the storylines ahead, look for SAMCRO to face off against SAMTAZ. And, this is just a wild guess, but for some blood to be shed.

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Excellent what more is there to say!! We finished Season 3 tonight...friends d/loaded it online. The finale was amazing! I cannot wait for Season 4 to begin...Mr. Sutter, I hope the seasons never end! One of the best shows on tv. I am 52, my husband is 48 and we have friends who are hooked on this...it's definitely a great addiction to have! THANK YOU Mr. Sutter...keep them coming :)


Subject matter may not be for everyone - but there are other choices. I'm 73 years old and law abiding. I love this show for its realism, the talents of an increidble group of actors (one of whom has done Shakespeare)and great story line. What a wonderful writer and production company. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the new season.


After the first 5 mins of the very 1st show I vowed never to watch it again, way too violent for me, BUT, to my utter surprise I got hooked. Now into episode 5 of season 2 and I can't stop watching it. One of the best and most riveting series I have ever seen. The characters are so strong and believable.


The best show period. If you dont like it try tv land. Tell fran samcro sent you.


johnz52 if you don't like the way the show is why don't you change to the cartoon network and watch tom and jerry dumb ass


Best show Ever i want a one time bonus disk were theres a first nine disk . in season 4s set and maby one showing alveres founding the mayans and maby the writing of johns book after thomas's death any thoughts?


i luv me sum SONS, purty close to da real deal, my bros n sisters dig it too, and STFU ifn ya don't like it don't watch,P&%$#Y!


This is by far one of the best shows that has come to tv in a long time i dont find it racist at all and i'm a black man most of my friends dont even find the show racist it portrays the life of a motor cycle gang and i believe they do a damn good job at it hell if sam crow had an opening i would join their gang thats one bad ass crew of whit boys and i will continue to watch this show


Get em Niamh. I agree with everyone else. Go watch lifetime or something Johnz52. If you don't like it CHANGE THE MUH FUGGIN CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!


@John As an Irish person i completely disagree with your view. Just because the show focused on one aspect of Irish society 'The Troubles' doesn't mean it set out to portrayed every irish person in that light. And FYI the IRA may have dismantled over a decade ago, but the Real IRA are still going strong and causing enough trouble with shootings/bombs in my hometown, it is far from over for us...

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