Rookie Blue Spoilers: Hope for Andy and Sam?

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When Rookie Blue returns to ABC on June 23, Camille Sullivan will make an immediate impression.

The actress comes on board as Detective Jo Rosati (pictured), clashes with Andy and has a connection with Eric Johnson's Luke: she's his ex-girlfriend.

"She makes Andy's life hell," Missy Peregrym tells E! News. "[Rasati] wants Luke. She regrets the decision that they broke up. It's really complicated this year with relationships."

Camille Sullivan on Rookie Blue

As for the main relationship on the show, the one many viewers hope gets taken to a new, naked level this summer, the actress had the following to say about Andy and Sam:

"Naturally, we really care about one another. Because he's not my training officer, it's more available to happen this year."

Consider yourselves properly teases, Rookie Blue fans! TV Fanatic will cover every episode of this show in-depth this summer, via recaps, reviews, quotes and more!

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I would like to see Andy and Sam together as well. Great Couple!!!


Andy and Sam will b the best together!!!!!!they just need to get together!!!I love them together


I LOVE SAM AND ANDY! i want them to get together so so so badly!


Love sam and andy .....she gonna b soo pissed when it comes out that it was jo's ring lol i also feel a love triangle coming for dov,gayle and chris.....much love rookie blue:)


I wat Andy & Sam together. Luke needs to go to Jo and stay with her & not to mention he gave Andy her ring!!!!! WHO DOES THAT?! Sam would treat her soooo much better and their chemistry is evident! TEAM SAM!


Andy and Sam Luke go back to your ex girlfriend, you know you want to


I really love Andy and Luke, cause I don't like Sam, I think he's ugly and don't have chemistry!
Andy and Luke made a perfect couple!!!


Team McSwarek Forever!!!!


I really like the little moments where they can't resist eachother, it makes me laugh.
I do want them seriously together... but I like the suspense. :P
Andy just needs to show more she likes him.. when Andy was talking about Luke undercover and Sam could hear them in the van and he participated in their "toast to Luke"
I laughed so much. :P
Sorry Sam, but your going to have to fight a little harder.. :D


Cannot wait for this season! I'm a huge Andy and Sam fan, I want them to get together so bad!

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