Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Spoilers: SAMCRO vs. SAMTAZ

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Season four of Sons of Anarchy will address the future of Jax and Tara. It will also cause Clay to wonder about his future with the club.

Show sources tell Entertainment Weekly that the President's hand problems will be as bad as ever this fall, which could be a major problem for the following reason:

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SAMCRO will find itself up against SAMTAZ when the series returns in September. That would be the Sons of Anarchy Tucson charter. What will be the beef between the clubs?

We'll have to tune in and find out.

Season four is expected to pick up about 14 months after events on the season three finale, just as the Sons we know and love are getting out of jail.

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So what if some other chapter is causing them problems - SAMCRO is the founding charter obviously so all they have to do is pull rank - Strip the Tucson club of their membership and get any other chapters to join them in a full on gun fight if necessary so that will be easy enough , The bigger problem will be proving Hale is dirty thus enabling the Sons and Unser to force Hale and the state cops out.


SAMCRO=(S)ons of (A)narchy (M)otorcycle (C)lub (R)edwood (O)riginal maybe SAMTAZ=(S)ons of (A)narchy (M)otorcycle Club (T)ucson (A)ri(z)ona SAMCTAZ doesn't roll off the tongue like SAMCRO does. So, it became SAMTAZ...


SAMTAZ Doeswork the abreviation AZ is arizona the letter T standing for tusca SAMTAZ Sons Of Anarchy Tuscan Arizona




Just shut up...
(S)ons of (A)anarchy (M)otorcycle (C)lub (R)edwood (O)rginal


What I've heard David Hasselhoff and some other famous people will be in this season, maybe in the other charter?:D


you people are reading way to much into the acronyms for the club, they are obviously just abbreviations, and if you have this many questions why not go check out the show's web-site?


so we are going to see SOA redwood vs SOA tuscon, arizona... Say isn't Sonny Barger involved with this. I wonder if this is going to bear any resemblance between the beef between HA Oakland and HA San Francisco that gave Sonny and Oakland mother chapter status many moons before I was even born would it?


To respond to some posts, the C in SAMCRO does NOT stand for charter. Look at every biker gang, I am sure they have websites and wikipedia pages. MC is in all of their titles. It stands for "Motorcycle Club" not Motorcycle Charter. I realize I had a typo in my last post, but to correct my post: "Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Tuscon Arizona" doesn't work.


I would agree with the other poster that SAMTAZ makes no sense. Fine TAZ stands for Tuscon, Arizona. So the acronym is then "Sons of Anarchy Motor Tuscon Arizona?" Note the absence of the word Club in the acronym. SATAZ MC would make more sense, or something like that, but SAMTAZ doesn't make sense.

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