The Nine Lives of Chloe King Clips: "Redemption"

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Good. Not great. But full of potential and with a strong leading lady.

That was our take on the pilot episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King, which aired last night. How will ABC Family follow it up next Tuesday evening?

Via "Redemption," an episode that focuses on Chloe trying to help Xavier's brother, while also wrestling with her feelings for Brian and worrying that she's putting him in jeopardy if they actually get together. You know, due to that Mai thing and all.

Check out a pair of clips from the second installment now:

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I haven't really seen it yet but I plan on watching to see if I like the show. It looks like a good show given the fact that Chloe King is human in the day and a cat at night and that is pretty cool. So I will watch season 1 when I have time so that I don't get interrupted by anyone or anything when I'm watching.


Hi Aurora! Check out the article about Skyler Samuels she discusses that they do take liberties with the books, but thinks the readers will enjoy them. Hope you stick around to find out! :-)


Minor detail but did anyone notice that her room is different than the pilot? She didn't have that gorgeous piece above her bed, it was some part of the headboard, I believe! I'm a little upset about how they portrayed Alyec/Alek. I liked him in the books (though I'm only halfway through #2) & how he revealed himself as a Mai. *shrug* This has the potential to be as good as TVD but I guess we'll have to wait and see!

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