TV Fanatic Awards: Best Actor in a Drama, Round 2!

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With your opinions strong, and your votes pouring in, it's time to continue navigating our way through our inaugural TV Fanatic Awards.

Yesterday, readers expressed their wide-ranging views on who was the best actor in a drama throughout the 2010-2011 TV season.

Below, we ask for your votes in round two of voting in that category!

Best Actor in a Drama

In the second of two rounds, we've listed five more of our favorite stars. The winners of the two rounds will square off for the title in the coming days.

All of the actors below are talented. But only one can move on. Which round two participant is your selection for the best dramatic actor of 2010-2011? Vote now!

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Ian...ian...ian...ia...say it baybe...ian...keep saying this!


i am so annoyed/dissapointed that ed westwick isn't listed !!! i don't even know who half these actors are !!! i understand tv fanatic can't meet everyone's requests on who makes the list but wasn't he even worth a consideration !!!!!!!!!!!! :-O

Gaby ee

Ian Somerhalder! There is no question


There better be a part 3 including Dennis Leary.


Ian Sommerholder....I need not say more.


NCIS is GREAT....i like BONES as well....i'm just GLAD to see mark...a.k.a GIBBS listed.....would have liked to seen michael weatherly listed as well...and had the chance to vote for MORE then just 1 person. alisa


Breaking Bad was not on this season, but Bryan Cranston's performance from last year should still have enough hype to carry over. Steve Buscemi was almost as amazing in Boardwalk. Mark Harmon is good but NCIS doesnt have a very award friendly format. Nathon Fillion is amazing, but not as good as the others, and Ian Somerhalder is not even in the same league as the other, he is just winning because he is dreamy.


Castle RULES! Nathan Fillion has always been awesome!


NCIS is the only one even familiar.....


I've never even heard of those other shows!!!!!!!!!!!