Falling Skies Preview & Sneak Peek: Life on the Farm

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Falling Skies left viewers with two keys questions on "Sanctuary, Part 1."

  1. Why would any survivors make a deal with the Skitters?
  2. How will Tom rescue his children?

Both those topics will be addressed on the conclusion of this episode, which features the death of a key character. Check out the following trailer, watch a sneak peek from the installment and return to TV Fanatic later in the week for a full rundown of the Falling Skies press room at Comic-Con.

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LEAD?....He's the lead! No.
HUNKY SON?....How are you going to get the chicks in? No.
HARNESSED SON?...Just got saved...and there's mystery. No.
BLACK GUY?...He's the Black Guy. No.
HOT DOCTOR?...She's the Love Interest. No.
YOUNG SON?...He's the Emoting Magnet for the lead. No.
HAN POPO?...Han Solo lives..and he's Canuck for the tax credit. No.
YOUNG WARRIOR?...He JUST became major and is skittish. Possible.
CRUSTY COLONEL?...He just jams The Lead...And he's a feature guy. My money's on the Colonel.

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