Rookie Blue Episode Trailer: On Fire!

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Andy and Luke are engaged. But sparks of a different kind will fly on Rookie Blue this Thursday.

A slew of arson-related fires will culminate with the burning of a laundromat on "Heart & Sparks," an event that leads Chris and Gail to the streets and into an encounter with a man from Chris' past.

Elsewhere, Andy will end up trapped in an unstable building, as a basic arson case grows into so much more...

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really want sam and andy to get together can anyone tell me if this will happen ssoon?


Andy need to get with sam cuz she no she in love with him, she jus like the idea of being in a relationship & married to luck


Jeez!!! Can't wait to watch this. Sam is so in love with Andy! I just think that maybe she is comfortable with Luke because he is stable and stuff but with Sam.... omg the fire it burns!


After watching episode 3, you can easily tell that Andy does love Luke a lot. Not to say your significant other being shot would make you walk away, but if she didn't care, she would not have said yes to his proposal. She is stuck between two guys and so she choose the one who she feels is right for her. Irrelevant as that may be to the promo, I feel as though it is appropriate for any scene Andy shares with Luke and/or Sam.


okay i will always love andy but she need to get her mind made the fuck up before she lose both of her men or just the one she really really wants which i now is not at all sam.... she needs to tell him or just love him and cheat...


This shows the love that Sam has for Andy. So sweet! Better they soon become a couple or at least get a kiss scene!

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