Sons of Anarchy Creator on Season 4: Club Tension Ahead

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Season four of Sons of Anarchy will feature SAMCRO vs. SAMTAZ. But Kurt Sutter says the club's Tucson charter will not be the biggest foe for our motorcycle-riding heroes this fall.

"To a certain extent, the greatest foe the club will have is the club," the series creator told EW. "It’s about the internal foes, which I think are much worse than the external foes this season."


Sutter also considers the season ahead to be "act 2" of the ongoing mythology.

"A lot of what happens this season is a direct result narratively and emotionally of what happened in Ireland in season 3 and how that bounces off of Jax, Gemma and Clay," he said. "[We're] setting up, emotionally, the bigger arc of the series in terms of where it all might go. I think we get a taste of that this season - where it’s going to go."

I'll be interviewing Sutter, Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal and Ron Pearlman at Comic-Con on Sunday. What do you wanna hear from them? Submit your questions now!

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Carolyn you are "the biggest" SOA fan? In what way? Like you are the largest person who is a fan of SOA? DO you guys realize how totally stupid it seems to try to tout yourself as "the biggest" SOA fan? Additionally, you come across as trying to take away from the other true fans. Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


omg this show is the best thing that ever happend!!! why are you cutting jax's hair???????? its crazy too me...and the theme song might change? what is up with that?


Mr. Sutter Ima represent what this season?, Would have trouble with Jax and Tara because Ima?
Or will we finally see a little more than Jax and Tara's second season?
Or even be able to see Tara Ima knock off?


Kurt, How long will Tara keep the letters from John to Mo to herself?


kurt..the only other show that has come close to S.O.A. is the shield..that was the best ending i have ever seen! I have NEVER had a show have such an impact on me the way son's has had. It is as close to perfect as a show could be in my opion.
I know the sheild's ending did not leave us with any warm fuzzy feelings and I have a nagging feeling you may be taking us down that same road again. I feel it's going to come down to gemma having to choose between Jax and the club, and i beleive that as much as she loves her son, she is ALL about the club!!!
Many times over the past three years i have come damn close to giving up my job, packing up and trying to join the Hell's Angels. Thank you Kurt for taking us on such an amazing ride...


One other question came to mind, for Mr. Sutter. With the success of the Iphone SOA app, are there any plans to go into SOA merchandising such as graphic novels (comics)? A well drawn and written SOA graphic novel would definitely be on my wish list. As for the proliferation of bootleg SOA merchandise available on line, does FX, Sutterink and/or Linson Productions have anyone who goes after the providers of said bootleg stuff on a full time basis? If so, and the fanbase is aware of possible bootleggers (not just of DVDs and on Ebay, but of jewelry and other things), how do we report it?


Feel free to use any or all of these questions. Thanks for the consideration. This is from Lowecat on the Twitters. We know that nicknames like Ope for Opie and Jax for Jackson are pretty well self explanatory. Chibs has an obvious nickname due to his abiity with his knives. And, of course, the belated Half - Sack's nickname was obvious. Has it ever been explained how the characters Tig, Piney, Juice, and Happy got their nicknames? Piney from Piermont is a bit of a stretch to determine, and I have a feeling that 'Tig' is NOT short for Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Since Jacob Hale JR's real estate office was a set in S3, will it return in S4, or just his mayoral office? Does SAMCRO have a friend on the city council to give Hale a hard time. There should be! Besides the inner club tensions, will there be intra familial relationship tensions between Jax,Gemma,and Clay pertaining to John Teller's death? Will Tara be the one to spill the beans to Jax, or will she hide the letters? Mr. Perlman, would you be willing to comment on the differences in your most memorable roles (Vincent, Beauty and the Beast; Hellboy, and Clay, SOA)? Do you see any similiarities in them? Ms. Sagal, would you ever consider going on a nationwide tour for your singing? California is lucky to get to hear you live. Mr. Hunnam, a lot of actors often go to producing and/or directing. Do you have any plans to follow suit? Mr. Sutter, You seem to indicate that Big Otto's days are numbered due to taking out the Aryan that took his good eye. In real life, most persons on death row are held there for years before meeting their end. Doesn't Big Otto have to have a trial for the murder of the Aryan before he can be put on death row? Thanks again.


Will there be a Tara Ima face-off?


What is in store for Jax and Tara?


Will you ask Charlie if he'll let his blond locks grow back? I miss 'em already! :)

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