Sons of Anarchy Creator on Season 4: Club Tension Ahead

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Season four of Sons of Anarchy will feature SAMCRO vs. SAMTAZ. But Kurt Sutter says the club's Tucson charter will not be the biggest foe for our motorcycle-riding heroes this fall.

"To a certain extent, the greatest foe the club will have is the club," the series creator told EW. "It’s about the internal foes, which I think are much worse than the external foes this season."


Sutter also considers the season ahead to be "act 2" of the ongoing mythology.

"A lot of what happens this season is a direct result narratively and emotionally of what happened in Ireland in season 3 and how that bounces off of Jax, Gemma and Clay," he said. "[We're] setting up, emotionally, the bigger arc of the series in terms of where it all might go. I think we get a taste of that this season - where it’s going to go."

I'll be interviewing Sutter, Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal and Ron Pearlman at Comic-Con on Sunday. What do you wanna hear from them? Submit your questions now!

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Charlie, how did you prepare for the Season 3 scene at the marketplace where Jax is following Abel with his adoptive parents? Was it difficult for you? I've watched that scene many times and it was heartbreaking and memorable - from your acting, to the camera work, to the music - it was amazing.


Will there be any information on the homeless woman who appeared at the cemetery (and possibly other times)? Will we see more of Chibb's family, especially his wife?


Other than a mention of tara's father she doesnt seem to have any family. Will her backstory ever be explored?


Questions for the panel - pick the best one or all. :)
1. Kurt, There has to be fallout from the deaths of Jimmy and Stahl. Does any of that come back to affect the club? Do you plan on addressing that in Season 4 or anywhere down the road?
2. Kurt, it seems that Jax and Tara have a baby pretty quickly in the series. Was it always your plan for Jax to have two young children so close together, or did the story just keep evolving as you were writing each season?
3. Charlie, what is your favorite part about playing the character of Jax Teller?
4. Panel, I know that the entire cast didn't go to Ireland, but for the ones who did, were there any difficulties shooting there? Any problems, or issues that wouldn't arise while shooting in Los Angeles?
5. Kurt, there are still so many characters that the viewers need back stories on - Juice, Tig, Clay, etc. Do you already have it outlined in your head, or are you still working on some of them? SOA fans are very invested in the characters and how we all got to this point in their lives. Starting with Season 1, sometimes it feels like I came in during a movie, and so much has happened that I still need explained.


Is anyone on the panel signing autographs at Comic Con on Sunday? I can't find any info. Help! I am the biggest SOA fan, and I only got tickets to Comic Con to hear them speak.

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