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Sons of Anarchy Scoop: Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman on Decisions, Devolution Ahead

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How will Jax weigh club life and family life? Will he finally take the next step with Tara? For how much longer can Clay and his debilitating hands hold on to the title of SAMCRO President?

I asked these questions to Sons of Anarchy stars Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman prior to their Comic-Con panel on Sunday. Find out why the former thinks Tara is "wife material" in the interview below:

Check out our exclusive with Katey Sagal and Kurt Sutter, as well, and then watch the following video to answer the pressing question: Are Hunnam and Perlman TV Fanatics?!?

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Sometimes I completely forget Charlie's British the accent sounds so strange not having heard it from him myself too often, Jax better not screw SAMCRO over and walk out on them - Hasn't he learnt anything with the club his family could potentially be in danger but by the same token his family is always protected, Leave the club and all hell could break loose, Besides sooner or later Clay will have to step down so Jax can re-shape the club then if he sees fit.


Hey Matt, i love this show i never want it to season 4 the Final Season?


I am soooo diggin' Charlie's accent!!


I mean a trailer...not a promo. A trailer with actual footage from season 4..


Trailer for samcro has already released, the 1st one I saw was while watchin the premier for the final season of rescue me a few weeks ago. And I've seen a hand ful since, not many, but theyr there.


Hey Matt! You seem to have the inside you know when they will release the first trailer for the new season? Or does anyone know? I am dying over here. September 6th can't come fast enough!!


Love this show. Cant wait to watch the new season.

Sons of Anarchy Quotes

Chibs: Thanks for yesterday.
Jarry: For the sex or the heads up?
Chibs: For the heads up. You should be thanking me for the sex.

I was raised a Catholic. Everything's a worry for me.

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