The Lying Game Sneak Peek: Sibling Switch!

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I'm gonna find our real parents. Find the truth.

The Lying Game centers around twins, both played by Alexandro Chandro, who trade places so that one (Sutton) can go track down the pair's birth parents. But when Sutton goes missing, Emma must make a choice:

Continue to live a fib? Or come clean about what she and her sister have done? The series premieres on ABC Family on August 15 and this is a key scene from the series premiere:

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This looks good,but I'm kind of disappointed they dont follow the books,not even in the pilot,it's completely different!


Thank you so much for posting this sneak peek! I work with the network, so I’m happy to see all the excitement surrounding the show. I think everyone is going to really love it and I know that you’ll also love our leading lady, Alexandra Chando. Remember to keep checking out site for more updates and new sneak peeks!


The Lying Game Quotes

You definitely got the smart half of the embryo.


I always say that "Hope is grief's best music."


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