The Nine Lives of Chloe King: Comic-Con Video Chats!

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As the season progresses that you, dear readers, have become more invested in the characters on The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Know who feels the same way? The actors who portray them. 

I hate to upset you, but Benjamin Stone could not attend the convention. Thankfully, the rest of the cast made up for his absence, with Grey Damon even noting he's on Team Alek. He recognizes the fans are falling for Alek over Brian. What does he make of that? Find out below.

When asked to describe her character in one word, Amy Pietz (Meredith King) chose warm. I'd have to agree. Watch as she talks about how working on Chloe King has better prepared her for motherhood, how long Meredith will be in the dark about Chloe's true heritage and how great it would be to have some Meredith and Valentina scenes.

Next up was Alyssa Diaz, discussing Jasmine's relationship with her mother, doing her own stunts and what the season holds in store for her character.


Grace Phipps and Ki Hong Lee (Amy and Paul) were a blast to talk with. Discussing superpowers (and our own dreams), geekdom (Firefly and nerdiness!), the differences between themselves and their characters and more, they were incredibly engaging and I fell in love with them both. Is Paul the ultimate Comic-Con fan? I think so. It's a long video, but worth the watch, I promise!

For the finale, I present Skyler Samuels and Damon (Chloe and Brian!). I wish I could find something critical about someone in the cast, but when you can't, you can't.

Skyler and Damon discuss the cast's burgeoning friendship, Two and a Half Minutes with Skyler Samuels, the infamous love triangle between Brian, Chloe and Alek and real love versus teenage lust (wow!). They even taught me something about the show that I failed to catch. To have this much time with the leads was such a pleasure, and I hope it will be for you, too!

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Maybe Brian cause they said Chloe would kill one of the people on the panel and the only people were Brian Jasmine Amy Paul and Meridith her mom I really don't know who it is going to be since Jasmine Amy and Paul aren't big characters right now in the show but she could kiss Brian and he could die or something could happen between her and her mom but Paul is comic relief Amy is the best friend the main characters in things always have a best friend and Jasmine is just another Mai I personally don't think she would have a specific reason for killing any of those people but it could be on accident I think Brian cause I don't like the fact that he is stopping Chloe and Alek from being together cause Chloe still likes him so sorry to all the Brian fans but I think she will kiss him and he will die I also think her dad will show up in the finale and she will find out about the box her mom has with all her stuff in it next Tuesday can't come fast enough! Team Alek fureva! Go Chalek! I LOVE Alek he is sooooo HOT!


Probably Chloe will kill Jasmine? Or Brian? Or not kill anyone; she just might fatally wound them (Brian.) haha! I doubt that she will kill Jasmine. She might. But that would be difficult for Chloe and Alek. So im thinking its Brian or Paul Or Amy


i can tell you she DOESNT kill Alek... thats already been spoiled! im going to guess Pual is who gets killed but I wish it to be Brian so this stupid charade of a love story betw Chloe and Brian. TEAM ALEK!!!


Oops, Valentina wasn't on the panel, was she? Hmm..that leaves her two best friends, her two loves, and her mom??


I hope it isn't canceled, as well, though I haven't looked at any of their ratings. Also--I'm still wondering about this--Skyler said that Chloe would kill one of the people at the ComicCon panel by season's end. I can't figure out who it may be, although I'm thinking maybe it's Valentina...


I hope the fact that almost all of them were at Comic Con and that they were all having big discussions means the show won't be cancelled anytime soon.

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