Kurt Sutter Calls Out Matthew Weiner, AMC

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Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter is never one to withhold his opinion. Remember what he Tweeted about his show's Emmy snubs? Hilarious stuff.

Now, the former Shield scribe and the actor behind Otto on SoA is at it again.

In response to the ongoing issues at AMC - Matthew Weiner's contract negotiations extended for so long that season five of Mad Men was delayed until 2012, while Frank Darabont was surprisingly let go from The Walking Dead and there are rumors that Breaking Bad may jump to a new network - Sutter wrote last night:

Kurt Sutter Tweets

Will Weiner respond? It's no small accusation to blame one series creator for getting another fired. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Sutter has added: i don't know MW, got no beef with him. just hate that darabont is being demonized. no one has the balls to tell the truth. MM gutted AMC.

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Wasn't it the other day that Sutter had a beef with Frank Darabont and now he's calling out Matt Weiner. Somebody needs to tell Sutter to pick his battles b/c while it's nice to be able to say what you want, i have a feeling that someone will bite back and that's when the real fun starts.


@Concerned: I'm sure teenagers have said and heard far worse words at school. WHATEVER! Anyway, It's not hard to see why AMC gave into Wiener, seeing as how Mad Men is pretty much AMC's meal-ticket for the most part. I mean they do get the most awards buzz every season, even if I think Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are ten times better. Don't get me wrong though, I do still like Mad Men, but it's not the best show on television contrary to popular belief of all the old timers doing the voting.


That's what you're complaining about? Have you seen the ads that silenty echo the "sex sells" idea? I think it's a bit much myself, and I don't visit here from work internet as often but it's not up to me.

Matt richenthal

@Concerned: I understand your concern, but this is a Tweet that has already gone out to thousands and thousands of people. It's also posted under the Sons of Anarchy section, and if any teenager is coming here for info on that series, there's a good chance he or she is already familiar with curse words.


Really?! Could you not block out crude words TVFANATIC? Teenagers do come on this site...


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