Leverage Summer Finale Preview: The Return Of...

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Look who is coming back to Leverage...

On this Sunday's summer finale, Mark Sheppard will reprise the role of Jim Sterling, enlisting Nate and company to steal the component from a nuclear-reactor... from a skyscraper in Dubai... during an international chess tournament. No problem, right?

Check out our latest review of the show and then watch the official trailer for "The Queen's Gambit Job" now.

** We'll be interviewing Sheppard tomorrow. Submit any questions you have for the actor, Leverage-related or otherwise, in the Comments section now!

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Leverage Quotes

Parker: This vault is a state of the art Glen Reader, it's un-hackable, even for Hardison
Nate: So we have to get them to turn it off for us.

Alec: I'm just very good at what I do.
Parker: This is the score! The score!
Alec: Age of the geek, baby.
Eliot: Somebody kiss this man so I don't have to.