Rookie Blue Sneak Preview: Have a Little Faith

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Following a decent plan gone wrong on Rookie Blue, the ABC summer hit will ask viewer to have "A Little Faith" this Thursday night.

The episode will center around Andy, Dov and Traci taking part in an undercover training exercise, the results from which are a series of unplanned situations and choices. Meanwhile, Chris and Gail must figure out if a young boy is a victim of bullying.

Callum Keith Rennie guest stars.


FINALLY! Thank you writers for giving us what we want. Sam and Andy are perfect together. The only thing that could have made it better is if they had admitted their feeling for each other.


Yea it does suck that I missed the best episode yet for the horrible texans.


it's they're not there... and you have pathetic wording and grammar.


the Texans should be playing on CBS not ABC. AND THERE NOT STUPID!!!!!! love me some Texans but definitely be watching Rookie Blue for my Sandy moments!!!! Sam: "theres no going back"
Andy:"I dont want to go back"


It will be pre empted by the stupid houston texans preseason game. I don't want to miss it. :(


Rookie Blue Quotes

Cake's on fire.


Epstein, what are you eating? It's really gross and why are you doing it in my parade?