Rookie Blue Teaser: A Familiar Foe?

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It's all over for Luke and Andy. On a personal level, that is.

This Thursday on Rookie Blue, the formerly engaged couple will be paired together professionally, as Luke is convinced an assault suspect is the same man who committed a murder years earlier. Will Andy take his side or agree with Jo's assessment instead?

The answer will be revealed on "The One That Got Away." Check out the official ABC promo for the installment now:

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wow!!! poor andy almost gets killed and the whole divison knows Luke cheated on her. The first scene w/ Luke and Andy was dramatic. Andy is heartbroken and thinks Luke is "low" for doing that; probably everyone would to. The scene w/ Swarek and McNally was bitter- sweet because Sam thinks Andy is totally not over Luke and sweet well at least they got to talk and Sam said ANYBODY WHO CARED ABOUT YOU. DUHHH? Andy he loves you. I don't know why he left her though but he passsionate for her. Glad Andy is okay; she is a main character so I thought she would be okay. That Nixon dude is CCCRRRAAZZY creep!! That nerd dude neighbor was easy peasy to figure out he was frisky; "oh I grabbed a beer", "guy w/ gloves on" seriously easy. I loved how Sam cared about Andy and was the only one who was being especially nice. Andy was cold when she said to Sam "your not nice"; Sam is TOTALLY HOT AND SWEET. -... he always asks do you need a ride home and he is so protective, he also believes her. I got really mad when Luke said I don't want you I want Andy ahhhhhhh. Wen will Andy and Sam get together????? I wanted Sam to save Andy but that didn't happen. Why did Andy call Luke instead of Sam??? Maybe because Luke had this case for 3 years and why did Andy get sooo ticked off when Luke called Sam; sadly she still has feelings for Luke. I hated when everyone thought that Andy missed something w/ that girl getting almost killed [just cause luke cheated on her].... She did everything she could. The ending was sad Sam again asked Andy do you need a ride home but Andy refused; staying at dad's Sam: i dont think you should Andy: Well I'll stay at Tracy's, that was kinda cold. I know she's frustrated and tired but Sam asked what 3-5th time??? Sam's body lang.[ slamming against locker] wow he might give up on her. After a few weeks I would. I know I wrote a lot but I hope you take it into consideration. The preview I see is Luke is mad because Sam is on a case w/ Andy???? Ponder,Ponder??? I wasn't sure if I was going to watch this show because situation Sandy but I waited all year so.... well this is what happened. Go team Sandy!! Oh ya, great acting!!!


A rape? This should be interesting! :D


Hopefully Sam comes to save her!!!!!!

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