Rookie Blue Trailer: Chris vs. Dov!

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Rookie Blue taught us all a lesson this week: be wary of popping too many pain pills.

Because you might get addicted? Nah. Because you might spill your sweet guts out to a fellow officer's girlfriend! Such was the case for Dov on "Brotherhood."

What repercussions might come about next Thursday? Look for an altercation between Dov and Chris over Gail, along with Andy assisting a woman critically injured in a car accident. The installment is titled "Best Laid Plans" and this is the official trailer:

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I love Rookie Blue!! I watch faithfully because Andy and Sam belong together as does Traci and Jerry gail is annoying and Chris could do better if he'd stop whining all the time Dov is fine just the way he is and Noelle needs to lighten up!!! Luke is an idiot and hopefully due to their sneaking around (McNally & Swarek) maybe a baby Swarek comes about that will teach Luke then again he can always have gail! other then that AWESOME SHOW hurry up and start season 3 already there's nothing to watch on TV


I would love to see Dov and Gail together@!!


can't stand gail, the actress that portrays her does a really bad job. she comes out as annoying and a whore. I hate watching the show because of her


The only thing that interest me in this promo is the (potential) fight between Dov and Chris.

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