Switched at Birth Receives Full First Season Order

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Switched at Birth is an official hit for ABC Family.

The drama - which stars Katie Leclerc and Vanessa Marano as teens who were, well, switched at birth - will conclude its initial 10-episode order on August 8 - and then return for a dozen more in early 2012, ABC Family President Michael Riley said today:

Switched at Birth Stars

“Viewers have fallen in love with this show, just as we did when we first saw it. We set out this year to bring viewers more original content than ever before, all with the trademarks of our bright, authentic, quality storytelling. We’re so thrilled to see this series become a break-out hit this summer and become a key component of our programming lineup into next year.”

Look for TV Fanatic to cover Switched at Birth - via photos, quotes, reviews and more - upon its 2012 return!

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Can't wait!!!!!


it actually got 22 not 12


I have been waiting for you guys to cover this show! Cannot believe you have been covering Chloe King but not this gold mine of a show! Every week it leaves me wanting more.


now they need to extend The Nine Lives of Chloe King and my abcfamily tv shows will be set!

Saad khan

I agrree, this is one of the best show in recent time... its so real and full of great performances.. TV fanatics totally ignored it.. its still not late.. you guys need to give it a chance and see how good this show is.


What about Chloe??


@delphincik AGREED


shame you didn't write review up until now ...


Switched at Birth Quotes

Daphne: I didn't know you liked horror movies.
Kathryn: I haven't seen one since I was your age. Amityville Horror and it wasn't nearly as scary as the boy I saw it with.

Bay [about Angello]: He's not on parole.
John: He is with me.