Teen Wolf Season 2 Scoop: The New Alpha and More!

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Have you recovered from the season finale of Teen Wolf yet? Relive the suspense in our review and then read on for scoop on next summer from creator Jeff Davis...

Where is Derek?

Is Derek the new Wolf in Charge? Yes. "We had been building to it for a long time. Derek just had his eye on the prize the whole time, which was becoming the Alpha himself... what happens to him now? Is he going to use his power for good or evil?"

Will he work alone? No. "There will be new werewolves rounding out Derek's pack because the stronger his pack, the stronger Derek becomes, the faster he'll be able to heal."

Why does Jackson want the bite? No comment, but: "We're going to delve a good bit more into Jackson's background." A big part of his background? "I can tell you that the mystery of Jackson's parents will definitely be explored."

What is Lydia? "She goes through a very difficult arc in the next season. She becomes very important to the mythology."

Scott and Allison forever? Not exactly, or easily at least. "It will be a real Romeo and Juliet story because a deal will have been made between Argent and Scott: I will stay out of your way but you have to stay away from Allison. That's not going to last very long."

Visit E! News for the full interview with Davis.

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Interesting points. Looking forward to the new season!


Cannot wait for season 2 love this show =) cannot wait to see Derek as the alpha wolf =)


i loved season 1 and cant wait till it comes back for a season 2 this summer it will be amazing.


Im from turkey i love season 1 i cant wait season 2


when is season 2 coming and if it is out could you please tell me where i can get it?


they have made the next season too 24 episodes so uncle jackass to answer you yes they are going to produce more episodes next season


i loved every part of season 1 and @uncle jackass what do you mean by 'its been renewed'? thanks a million :)


Jackson becoming part of Derrick's pack is great. However is Kate really dead? and what is Lydia becoming, werewolf? or staying human. What if Kate comes back as the Alpha Female? and what is the veterinarian? A vampire? Part of another pack? What about the nurse? She was in the trunk of her own vehicle but was she actually dead?

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