The Return of Leverage: Double Episode Promo

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Following a week off for the Falling Skies season finale, Leverage doesn't simply return this week. It does so with a pair of new episodes.

First, on "The Grave Digger Job," the team goes after a charming funeral director who embezzles money from her grieving clients. She also sells off the identities of the recently passed away.

Then, on "The Boiler Room Job," Nate and company take on a fellow con man. Check out the following promo for both installments and then visit TV Fanatic soon after they wrap up for a detailed review:

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Leverage Quotes

Parker: This vault is a state of the art Glen Reader, it's un-hackable, even for Hardison
Nate: So we have to get them to turn it off for us.

Alec: I'm just very good at what I do.
Parker: This is the score! The score!
Alec: Age of the geek, baby.
Eliot: Somebody kiss this man so I don't have to.