Breaking Bad Episode Promo: Who Will Jesse Choose?

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We delved into the past of Gustavo Fring on the latest episode of Breaking Bad.

Next Sunday, conversely, we'll peer into Jesse's future. Will he take out Gus, as Walt has been pleading for? Or will he be asked to assassinate his long-time partner, as implied in the clip below?

Check out the official trailer for "Bug" now and, as always, return to TV Fanatic as soon as it concludes for a detailed wrap-up and review.


Yes. You are correct...And I would have changed it, after reading it again...But you have no delete function for comments...even on a timer.

Matt richenthal

@Piecar: Ignoring how misleading most promos are, where did I say Jesse was going to grease Walt? I said he'll be asked to, which is exactly what you said.


In what universe does the exclamation "You kill Mr. White, you're gonna have to kill me too!!!" indicate Jesse is going to grease Walt? Asked, sure. But it's good that Jesse is staying loyal....I fear, in the end, that Walt will NOT return the favour.

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