Gossip Girl Producer Speaks on Pregnancy Stunner

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Monday’s Gossip Girl season premiere closed with a game-changing revelation: After leading us to believe Dorota was the one who was pregnant, it was revealed that both Dorota and Blair are expecting!

Executive producer Josh Safran tells TV Line that the series will delve into the options that a young woman in Blair’s situation might consider – and the emotional turmoil and potential pitfalls that come with them.

Although Blair’s been able to fool (almost) everyone so far, it won’t be long before she finds it too difficult to hide the pregnancy and wade through her options by herself, says the Gossip Girl show-runner:

Future Princess of Monaco

“Blair’s pregnancy will impact Chuck in a major way,” says Safran, who also teases that Chuck's journey, which we saw the beginning of last night, “is the only possible next step in the evolution” of the character.

Could that next step be fatherhood?

Safran won’t say, but promises, “the audience will learn who the father is in the first half of the season.”

So why make Blair pregnant at all?

Safran points out, accurately, that “it isn’t out of the realm of possibility” for a young, would-be princess to find herself with child. But, just like the pregnancy, Blair’s fertile story arc wasn’t exactly planned.

“We didn’t go three years ago, ‘She’s going to get pregnant at the end of Season 4!’” says Safran. “But it felt right to us when we [wrote it because this] is how Blair’s experiencing it [right now]."

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I hate unexpected pregnancy storylines. It's just too cliché and unoriginal. This only makes the writers look like they've ran out of ideas for a storyline and made Blair pregnant out of desperation.
The stories are getting more ridiculous and lame as time passes by(with the exception of Dan and Blair). It's absolutely way over the line and just plain tiring and frustrating if the father turned out to be Chuck. It's stupid how the writers keep separating them, uniting them, separating them again and uniting them again and so on. It's the same crap again and again.
I'm sick of Chair. More importantly, I'm sick of Chuck. Seriously, dude needs to get a therapist because he has so many issues that affect Blair in a bad way. Chuck and Blair's relationship just isn't healthy anymore. It's bordering to the point of toxic. I used to be a Chair fan but after Chuck sold Blair for his hotel, I was done. Their relationship is not natural anymore. Sometimes I feel like it's being forced to us because most of GG watchers are Chair fans.
If it turns out to be Dan's baby though, it will be the ultimate Gossip Girl blast of all time.
If they decide to follow through with this story, I'm crossing my fingers for Dan to be the father. If it's Louis, it's fine with me. If it's Chuck, I'm shooting myself in the head.

Al in germany

"Stunner", "shocking"? Are our entertainment hacks on the take from Safran and the CW? JS: "Hype up our lame pregnancy storyline and we'll give you riches?" Ausiello: "You mean your shocking pregnancy storyline?" JS: "Bingo!" *Hands over family-sized pizza*


isn't that a confirmation then that it's chuck's baby? obviously wedding is finished, blair gets humiliated and outcast and chuck and blair have to raise baby, hopefuly dan and blair can still be friends... at this point if Dair dies I will not be watching. I think it is quite hilarious reading comments betwene DAIR and ChAIR fans - i used to be solely behind Chair before the writers ruined him and I saw the potential in Dair - but to each their own. Don't give up hope Dair fans... there's always fanfiction.


I can't wait for the first encounter of chuck and Blair together hopefully it's his baby and Blair and Louis end their engagement because of it


btw i cant wait for the first encounter of the season between chuck and blair :) i hope its not a let down! and blair looked so good in the scene at the loft, damn! also, is anyone else (chair fans obviously) really annoyed that 3 words, 8 eight letters was used in the context of dan and blair???? i was so frustrated to hear that!!! its a chair epic moment thing, why the hell would they do that?!


OMG! There been a long time since I didn't stop here and now that I read the hate, the analysis, all these things about how GG would suppose to be according to Dair fans, I remember why I left this forum. Why U don't get it? Dan is amazing character but he does not have any chemistry with Blair, why U judge Chuck as a real person when is only a TV character? why you expect GG to be as real world when is only a tv show, fiction, fantazy? ahhhh
I'm huge Chair shipper but I'm kind of disappinted of the show on the last 2 seasons. It's seems like the GG writers were trying to destroy Chuck to force Chair fans go with the Dair possibility... fortunately their game only worked witg a few ones.
Also I don't find anything wrong into be young mom, actually I was born when my Mom was 20 years old and I have had a beautiful life. My mom was 20 and my Dad was 21 and guess what? My parents are still together and happy. I don't think the success of a cuple as couple or raising a child is based on age, for me is based in love and commitment.
Well, let's see what happens and @PTY I agree with you in each word.
Chuck is my fav character because is interesting to watch, even if he is evil or selfish, he can be the most tender and caring man. Dan is such a false, a pretender.. always agains the UES when the most he wanted was to belong in. Chuck is as is and she belongs to Blair.
And if some twisted crazy non-sense Louis or worst, Dan turns to be Blair's child Dad, I'm done for good with GG.
It would be so stupid, a baby from a guy who Blair barely knows (Louis) or from a boy, who after kissing him, she only found out that Chuck was the love of her life (dan).
And as result, if something of this comes true I'll confirm my point that GGwriters think we are idiot :(
this is just my opinion.


We'll see who will have the last laugh, we'll see. And I don't get some people, it may be a fictional baby but even so, saying that you wish to see it gone is an awful thing to say. A man is emotionally hurting and all people can talk about is his past mistakes and his reaction to people that he dislikes, can't you realize not everybody has the same coping mechanism? Don't you ever have felt so anguished that you wish for the earth to swallow you? Another man was already traumatized with a false paternity claim and the lost of a strong emotional attachment to the kid and yet people wish to submit him to a paternity dispute, even after the producers of this show already told certified media that he is not one of the possible fathers. And people claim to love this character. And I don't see why people say babies are boring on TV, I can understand if they say the characters are too young or with undefined personalities to have this storyline, but claiming the baby will be boring just shows a level of dissatisfaction that is beyond me. And Dorota is pregnant too, for all that is holy please check E!


I'm not trying to hate here but just to be honest.
Chuck is looking like such a joke all smug saying "I wish i could feel it" in the promo. Am I supposed to feel bad for this guy?? He is such a caricature! The stuff of cheap and tacky romance novels.
Thing is, I realised why Dair are so much better than Chair ever were (and I was a big chair fan).
There is something delicate and fragile about Dair that chair never had- with all their epicness and big scenes and drama.
Dair is pure understatement. The "age of innocence" kind of love. Overwhelming and breathtaking.


looks like shes not getting an abortion


And again, for the people that still think Blair will be a princess Diana or a Grace Kelly, please google Andrea Casiraghi (the prince that Louis is supposed to be) and his "rancid" life with his girlfriend Tatiana Santodomingo.

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