Gossip Girl Producer Speaks on Pregnancy Stunner

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Monday’s Gossip Girl season premiere closed with a game-changing revelation: After leading us to believe Dorota was the one who was pregnant, it was revealed that both Dorota and Blair are expecting!

Executive producer Josh Safran tells TV Line that the series will delve into the options that a young woman in Blair’s situation might consider – and the emotional turmoil and potential pitfalls that come with them.

Although Blair’s been able to fool (almost) everyone so far, it won’t be long before she finds it too difficult to hide the pregnancy and wade through her options by herself, says the Gossip Girl show-runner:

Future Princess of Monaco

“Blair’s pregnancy will impact Chuck in a major way,” says Safran, who also teases that Chuck's journey, which we saw the beginning of last night, “is the only possible next step in the evolution” of the character.

Could that next step be fatherhood?

Safran won’t say, but promises, “the audience will learn who the father is in the first half of the season.”

So why make Blair pregnant at all?

Safran points out, accurately, that “it isn’t out of the realm of possibility” for a young, would-be princess to find herself with child. But, just like the pregnancy, Blair’s fertile story arc wasn’t exactly planned.

“We didn’t go three years ago, ‘She’s going to get pregnant at the end of Season 4!’” says Safran. “But it felt right to us when we [wrote it because this] is how Blair’s experiencing it [right now]."

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One thing I don't get. If Blair REALLY wants this wedding and her happy ending, I think she would have had an abortion at the minute she finds out. She could do it secretly (with the amount of money she handdles) It's not like she have no value on human life, it's just she has demonstrated she would do that kind of staff in order not to ruin her life (and by that I refer SHE IS GETTING MARRIED A PRINCE, please do not misunderstand I'm saying having a child at 21 means that) That's Blair Waldorf


Meh, the writers probably WILL kill the baby storyline. They seem to love cheap, go-nowhere, temporary rating-boosting storylines (Milo, Chuck "dying", ect).


I dont think Dorota is actually pregnant- looked like she knew about Blair and she wanted to divert E's attention....hm


@Heddy People aren't wishing a baby to die! Way to dramatise.
People want the baby STORYLINE to die- that's a different thing altogether and that's fine.
This is all fictional. Remember?


This pregnancy is insane.
Doubt they will go down the abortion route as this is the CW and it's America and Margaret Colin (Blair's mom) is a pro life activist. Awkward.
Having a miscarriage is a big deal that can lead to real emotional turmoil which I think is too much of a serious issue for gossip girl to deal with. People watch this show for fun and extravagant drama.
Having the baby will kill the show. Even if you are the type of person who gets excited thinking about babies in bow ties (you weirdo!) then trust me, it will only be interesting for an ep or two (I'm being kind here, I wouldn't watch that for a second) and then what??
So basically I have no idea why the writers thought this SL was the right way to go. They have literally written themselves into a small dark corner.
I also agree that it feels like all this is to get chuck to mature for real and be with Blair again, but at this point, frankly my dears, I don't give a damn.


The producers said about 3 weeks have passed since the finale and in the last episode of season 4, there was a short time skip of 3 weeks towards the end of the episode. This gives us Blair's 6 week pregnancy, so the dad has to be Chuck. =(


Ok, everyone, first of all the writers said about six weeks have passed since the finale and that Blair got pregnant at the end of the season. So it could be either chuck or Louis.
What I don't understand is how Blair can act so calm considering A. She is pregnant and B. She can't be sure who the father is.
She must have slept with both Louis and chuck around the same time (unless she and Louis decided to not have sex until the wedding...who knows) so how can she not be totally panicking that she's about to marry one guy but may be pregnant from a another AND on top of all that she almost runs off with Dan!
It just makes no sense. Even if she's in denial about it she wouldn't be behaving so calm and normal.
The whole thing is just badly written for dramatic effect.
I also really don't like that this seems to be a stunt to start Chair again. Bury that damn ship, it's already dead.


I guess it would make sense that Louis would be the father, I mean it would make sense for Blair to be in denial because she would feel that a pregnancy would ruin an already disasterous wedding that, so far, hasn't gone her way AT ALL (that witch probably took away her macarons too!)
However, it would make sense too that Chuck would be the father because their affair was spur of the moment and Blair DID have that "Damn that MotherChucker" face when the seamstress told her that she knew she was pregnant. Also the pictures of Chuck with Blair suggest that he's the secret father, I mean, look how uncharacteristically giddy he looks!


I personally don't want a baby on gossip girl = (. Look at Milo, that was just, weird, and didn't fit on the show... In my opinion at least. Babies are scary. I was really glad when that storyline ended before the meat of the show, it grated on my nerves. I'd rather just watch the romantic turmoil and fun scandals. I just can't see a storyline surrounding Blair and whoever the father is, or whoever she ends up with, looking after a baby, being an exciting gossip girl-esque storyline. Even if the show ends before the baby comes, I'd rather a baby in the distant future, then them planning a baby now. Really (if it is Chuck's or Dan's or even Louis) it will be all about picking out names, and what school they should go to, how can I be a good parent when my own was so bad? baby, baby, baby, blah, blah, blah. No offence but I care about Chuck, Blair, Serena, Nate and Dan, not some baby! Besides I think it will just freak out the characters and make them probably grow up too fast, and probably stuff up their relationship before they can deal with all their problems. Priorities change, people change, I get that. I like a bit of growth, but I'm in love with the way the characters are now, and their gradual journey. It's the fantasy land I escape to where everyone has so much money they don't need to grow up or work, but can play forever. Where everyone is rolling in cash, has designer outfits for every day of the year, and is really, really ridiculously good looking. A magical New York land where there are no real consequences to their actions beside a gossip girl post and a few weeks of their friends shunning them (lol) If only life could be that simple = (. But that's my opinion, and personal preference I guess you gotta take what the writers dish, because they, unlike me, get paid to write it = (. I think it's probably going to be Chuck's, and if it is Dan's (which I personally don't think is likely, but who knows) well I think Chuck is going to go back to punching windows and drinking in the dark, which kind of begs the question, why not just start now Chuckles? lol jks. What I want to see is them can the baby storyline and have one where Dan and Chuck become friends (which seems like a possibility), that has potential to be interesting and very humurous, especially with Dan's whole secret crush on Blair. Alternatively Dan could be Chuck's new room mate while Nate slums at the new cougars house, would make for one crazy sitcom lol. Seriously though, please give Blair back her fiesty streak! But that's just me. = (


If I remember right, Blair slept with Louie after the pink party. Remember that there was a scene at Blair's bedroom the morning after, and Blair was still in her robe, and Louie said he needed to go since he'd been there since last night.

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