Gossip Girl Producer Speaks on Pregnancy Stunner

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Monday’s Gossip Girl season premiere closed with a game-changing revelation: After leading us to believe Dorota was the one who was pregnant, it was revealed that both Dorota and Blair are expecting!

Executive producer Josh Safran tells TV Line that the series will delve into the options that a young woman in Blair’s situation might consider – and the emotional turmoil and potential pitfalls that come with them.

Although Blair’s been able to fool (almost) everyone so far, it won’t be long before she finds it too difficult to hide the pregnancy and wade through her options by herself, says the Gossip Girl show-runner:

Future Princess of Monaco

“Blair’s pregnancy will impact Chuck in a major way,” says Safran, who also teases that Chuck's journey, which we saw the beginning of last night, “is the only possible next step in the evolution” of the character.

Could that next step be fatherhood?

Safran won’t say, but promises, “the audience will learn who the father is in the first half of the season.”

So why make Blair pregnant at all?

Safran points out, accurately, that “it isn’t out of the realm of possibility” for a young, would-be princess to find herself with child. But, just like the pregnancy, Blair’s fertile story arc wasn’t exactly planned.

“We didn’t go three years ago, ‘She’s going to get pregnant at the end of Season 4!’” says Safran. “But it felt right to us when we [wrote it because this] is how Blair’s experiencing it [right now]."

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Even if the writers keep insisting Dan & Blair shared more than just a kiss experience it would be ridiculous for them to have it unprotected. Dan has already enjoyed the happiness of being a "father" and I don't think he is desperately willing to repeat it. Besides, they are both pretty pragmatic when they are together, especially Blair, no way I'd believe it's Dan's baby. For this to happen there must have been a significant character change from both sides before the event, which I didn't see. Though I guess what it’s all about: Dan might have written something different in his book - well, we know how those writers make real what’s not real - thus giving a possibility to Blair to hide who the real father is. Blair spending time with Louis in bed all summer doesn't mean they broke the big royal rule "No babies before the wedding". Louis would never have done that up to the present moment, as we have just seen him scared to confront his mother about such a small thing as flowers. If he had had a finger in the pie he wouldn't be concerned about flowers anymore... He would want the wedding to happen long before November. Seeing Louis so relaxed makes me think Blair had spent the summer in bed just because she felt sick, which is quite usual for the first weeks of pregnancy. So unless Blair went into denial having one night stand with some random guy – why should she, here’s her fairytale – there's the only one person who could be the father. As for the timing: According to what Blair said to Louis “we are going to be married in 3 months…� and knowing that the wedding is on November 26th (the date on Serena’s invitation), then the events of this episode must happen at the end of July. So I’ll bet on: Louis finds out about Blair being pregnant and understands right away it is someone else’s baby. Poor Louis, I assume he will want to keep Blair, but Blair will probably want to keep the baby. Good thing, this will be the moment for Blair to finally give up her false fairytale. Bad thing, she wouldn’t want Chuck to be in her and baby’s life either. Well how to keep Chuck away from thinking it might be his child? Well, Blair still has friends or at least, she could blackmail them into being those. Because after having messed up with Blair either due to not telling her what Louis was up to that day or due to the book being published later, Knight Dan has no choice but to cover up for her if he still wants to be friends. Good thing, this leaves open the possibility of Chuck to mature enough until the moment he finds out the real truth. Bad thing, it is going to be a real torture for Dan because… he might end up being friends with Chuck, too. Uhuh, I’d love to see that. It’s not like I want to see Dan suffer, but I think it is a necessary step in Dan’s evolution of being an insider. But that’s another story :)


I think I mentioned that if it's Louis's baby it's not really a big deal but perhaps I didn't make myself clear, I mean for everyone who's watching, just like Hippo said, thanks Hippo, it's not a big deal if it's Louis's kid to us fans but it is a huge deal if it's Chucks, and also it would be a bigger deal to Blair if the baby is Chucks because she won't be able to hide to Louis about her cheating.


@Kate I think they meant in terms of the show, noones gonna be glued to the tv if it's Louis baby, the whole royal legalities of the pregnancy is not thrilling to watch. and I'm also really confused and nervous because if it's 6 weeks along then the baby isn't chucks? Unless at the moment the show is in the middle of summer?


I can't remember who said it, but someone mentioned that, 'the baby obviously isn't Louis', because that wouldn't be a big deal.' Not a big deal?! This is a royal engagement, and that would have scandal written all over it. Especially how we see the way Louis' mother is and all of her traditions and talk of a church ceremony (which reminds me...Blair will have to convert to Catholicism), it would be very much a problem for the couple and their future. It may seem 'normal' for people nowadays to have children without being married, but it is a serious issue if you are first in line to the throne, because the children will not be considered legitimate, etc, etc. Look what happened to Princess Stephanie...


IT'S CHUCK BASS' BABY... watever happen... watever the story goes.. watever the writer plotted... no matter how chuck and blair get hurt by not getting together.....YET. DO IT. Just let the baby got to be a BASS. and at the end of GG... there'll be thE CHAIR happily ever after... pls...
Chair's story is a history...


it's Louis 's baby.she is 6 weeks pregnant, ok? the summer has 3 months, so... I think she is skared of might happen if Chuck will find out so she keeps this a secret!


First of all, I'm not really buying Dorota's pregnant. I think she's just covering for Blair.
Second, it wasn't really that shocking that it was Blair's pregnancy test.
Third, I'm hoping it's Dan's baby and Dan & Blair hooking up is the mystery ending to Dan's book that he alluded to to Rufus.


Isnt out of the realm of possiblities? I'm sorry are you high. Which place, except soap, would you see a would be princess knockd up and not knowing who the father is. Dont justify your jump the shark moment, its just sad. Blair was doing so well growing up, but now shes back in la-la land and it weakens her character. I know the drama of it all is to drag it ouj unnecessarily, but really all your doing is make her seem weak. Chucks the father youve 'redeemed' him -get to it already and save us the long draggd out Chair angst.


Its obvious whos the father..you dont have to be rocket scientist... She never slept with Dan...If it was Louis why would she be in denial ?? If you have watched every season you know its in Blairs character to be in denial when things dont go her way...So ding ding ding ding ding...The Father is ... i dont have to finish this its common sense.


I am personally really excited that Blair is pregnant. I didn't think GG would do a limiting storyline. I was personally hoping it was her from the beginning. Now is Dorota really pregnant too, or is she trying to cover because she knows about Blair? I really hope they don't make Blair get an abortion or have a miscarriage.
I hope Chuck is the father. While I wouldn't have minded if it were Dan's, we know they never actually slept together. I imagine that Blair was sleeping with Louis when she slept with Chuck so it would be either one of those two.

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